Monday, October 3, 2011


I trying for the first time to travel by subway and thought of going to Niujie Street. Traveling with my print out from internet I tried to find the place. The subway line too confusing for me. Too crowded plus I can't speak and read a single word of Chinese. Well get down to the right place but end up go to the opposite direction. By accident, I never thought I reached 'Prince Gong Mansion' earlier than other attractions I wanted to visit.
I was walking for almost 1 hour and saw signage of Prince Gong Mansion plus saw tourist get down from the bus. Yeay!!!! no Niujie ...found Prince Gong.....

Prince Gong Mansion is the Beijing's largest and well preserved Qing Dynasty princely mansion. On the way to the mansion...I mean outside main road you could find many Tri Cycle waiting for you to round around Hutong but of course not for free.

The mansion total area covers 60,000 square meters and over half is for residential and the other half dedicated for for ornamented garden.There are bad sculpture for protections as well as other animal like Dragon and Cows.
I love the garden.... beautiful and calm.
The garden also surrounded with artificial mountains and also mini great wall.
There are many locals lining up to see and seek blessing in one of the cave written by Emperor Kangxi , word 'FU'. I paid CNY40 for entrance charges.

Take subway line 4 to Ping'anli and then walk 1.2k m eastwards from Exit C along Dianmen Xi Dajie to find Lianhua Market on the north side of the road. The mansion is in depth of Hutongs behind Henhua Market.

You could find many dragon and other animal characters inside the mansion

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