Thursday, October 6, 2011


Change hotel for the last 3 nights in Beijing. I prefer first hotel which located at the place that I like the most forbidden city. I feel regret to book this second hotel earlier. Anyway, different feel after all. The secpnd hotel located near subway but more toward CBD area.So , not so peaceful but busy hectic beijing feel.

I went to explore Summer Palace and sightseeing at Kunming Lake. Oh! before that, I did went to Silk Street but after almost 2 and 1/2 hours walking under the hot sun.... I feel the place not relevant to me at all and such a waste walking all the way there.

I went to Summer Palace by subway but came but by Bus and then took Subway back to hotel. Very long journey indeed! almost fainted due to exhaustion plus the sardine pack subway train make me hard to breathe.

Anyway Summer Palace and Kunming lake is breathtaking place. Love this place so much but the idea of the Royalty spend this extreme luxury when own people are dying with poverty   make this as the big Sinful place.

This is the end of my Beijing exploration trip. I will never forget this journey and really learn a lot too.

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