Monday, October 10, 2011


My own master piece- Black Bean Mackerel Spagetti
Yeah! baybeh ... this may look ugly but taste??? marvelous!!!!

Last Saturday lunch meeting with Jack & Julie at Ben's General Food Store near Bangsar....mmmm this is the salad I choose.. so refreshing

This is Julie's choice at Ben's General Food Store... Seafood Pizza

This is my favourite Nasi Lemak @ Pavillion on Sunday brunch last week

Saturday night food hunting ended at Restoran Thai Lagoon @ Bandar Sunway... Pineapple Fried Rice

with Mix Tom Yam

Balance up with this Mix Veggie with Mushroom

add the spiciness with this Spicy Prawn fired with Basil Leaves.... OMG SO HOT!!!!!
Woke up on Sunday morning with dry throat and not well but I still go hunt for more food....

Travel all the way to Semenyih and end up at Uncle Din's Briyani House and my verdict is........

two thumb down due to their food was cold and the taste???.... I think my cooking skills are far more better..

Cold cold curry with cold briyani..

cold cold dhal with Briyani.... never ever again.....

last last Sunday layparking at Bangsar Village Starbuck and kaypoying on next table conversation.... kekekekekeekeke...

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