Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jogja - Borobudur

Third day in Jogja is wet day. Yesterday was a hot sunny day. Today the whole day raining and make me can't see the Mount Merapi huhuhuh.... look at that flower...nice smell.
Oh! on the way to Borobudur my Driver for the day stop by at one of the place effected from last year Mount Merapi. That place near Magelang. I can still see black lava and destroyed houses. According to my Drvier the cold lava flood claimed more than 130 life and 600 - 700 resident have to seek refugee. It is a sad sight for me to witness! God Bless the soul!

The Human is beyond described! Urgh!!!! hate crowded place

See that!!!

Many Buddha statue either lost their head, lost arms and many seems to be missing from the Stupa
Most of this craving is about a story

Many of this is not properly match and imperfect condition

If yesterday I went to the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia, today is one of the seven wonders - Borobudur the Buddhist Temple.According to what I have read before visit to Jogja - Borobudur lay hidden for centuries under layers of volcanic ash and jungle growth.The process of restoration after it was found is still on going. 
What I notice at Borobudur?
3 divisions :
* Kamadhatu (world of desire)
* Rupadhatu (world of forms)
* Arupadhatu (formless world)
All three layers you can see related stories.
I also noticed :
- Lion gate
- narrow corridor with reliefs on the wall
- proper drainage using gargoyle

want to more details??? hahahaha google it!
Serious very interesting discovery for ancient history!

They are still trying their best to restore the rest
This uncle very bad! almost poke my front part with that pink umbrella. Uncle!!! please hold your umbrella properly ok!!! Don't reverse without looking ok!!! Bad uncle!!!

My Baby Min Zhie so happy.... :) I brought her to Great Wall and now another wonder of the world - Borobudur.... Yipeyyy for Min Zhie

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