Friday, December 30, 2011

Jogja - Horror from Prambanan Temple

2nd day trip to Prambanan Temple
The largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia and is quoted as one of the largest and most beautiful Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia.

The Majestic Temples - moral of the story when you going for trip please avoid holiday time. I experienced this in Beijing where all the tourist attraction is full with local people. Here in Indonesia, I have to compete with the local.... huhuhuhuh too many of them... I am suffocated!

 if you see on the left there goes the collapse stones after the earthquake. There are some restoration of this temple in progress. 

The temple built to honor Lord Shiva. Too bad the Lord Shiva temple is not accessible like others, where we could climb up the stiff staircase and have the feel of the story and also view and touch the status in the temple.

The statues and the ruins become the theme and inspiration for Loro Jonggrang Folktale which then this temple become related to Ratu Boko site.

Ramayana Ballet - I watched last night is base on the story on Prambanan temple wall.

restoration in progress.... this temples collapse during major earthquake in the 16th century

I saw many people touch this statue for blessing I guess. They touch on the right hand side front section on the body of this status.
Out of my curiosity I walk to the back of the statue and touch the behind.

Jeng jeng jeng..... at night 'something' came during my sleep and press my body. So suffocated, I felt that I screamed on top of my lung....and I can feel my body sweating in this air conditioning cold room . Uwwaaaaaa.... I repent I will not touch you again. My mistake.... my itchy hand touch your body.... let me go let me go... God help me... my heart cried. 
Oh! shit this  'thing' is killing me. So big butt and heavy still have guts sitting on top of this cute and adorable lady.....Go AWAY!!!!!
I screamed God name loud possible and push hard possible the 'thing' on top of me and quickly at sitting position on my bed and reflect back what had happened.

Suddenly , I felt the chill atmosphere and the quietness.....mmmmmm.... my heart keep repeating this... please go away I don't mean any harm to you. My curiosity and itchy hand of mine make me touch your behind.

I will not touch anything again... I keep repeating to myself again and again before I dozz off...

TV in the room in front of me still on as before I went to bed. Trying not to stare at the TV in case the visual of the 'thing' will appear on the TV. Gosh!!!! that will be more horror for me huh??? 

Anyway due to my exhaustion visiting and sightseeing , I still manage to sleep and wake on time for my Borobudur trip.

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