Monday, January 2, 2012

Jogja - Tamansari

Second last day, without any driver to chaffeur me around. I hired that driver for 2 days for IDR800,000 and of course still gave him some tips for IDR50,000 on top of that.
Early morning after breakfast, I asked my hotel to call one taxi to bring me to Tamansari.
Ooopppsss!!! it is hot sunny day.... another sunburn for me

Nothing much I can see here... but according to what I have read about this Tamansari or Water Castle this site is a former royal garden built in the mid 18th century.
Categorised into 4 areas :
1. large artificial lake with Island and Pavillions and pools
2. bathing complex
3. another pavillions and pools
4. smaller lake
there are some settlement around this Tamansari.

According to Legend there is secret tunnel connected to south sea. The King secretly meet his supernatural Queen -Nyai Roro Kidul.

I also read somewhere there is a place near the pools where King will stay there observed his concubines or women swimming and then he will choose the woman he like then invite her to his private swimming pool and then...... jeng jeng jeng... the love story happen..... ah! so horny feeling when walking through this place... so I walked out.... hahahaha.... anyway one indonesian man keep harrassing me throughout my visit there... so I walked off! plus I was burning hot and I can't stand the heat!

I still look like burned brownie until today ok!

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