Sunday, April 15, 2012

Phuket Trip - Day 3

This morning trip will be Phi Phi Island Cruise

Again that Hallyu Star feel because I was in this big car alone before they went to pick up others...wuhuhuhuh

still fresh and eexcited on what is next for me....tihihihihi

they served me 2 plain croissant without any butter or even jam....or not to forget the coffee! This is what we call VIP  treatment here wahahahahaha...... anyway as long as they don't put me under sun I am fine..

I am coming beautiful island!!!!

when the cruise start smile

the sun tanning session started...for all these people....dare not tanning again...I have enough wahahaha

thank god! I paid extra to get this air cond seat... I am seasick now!!!! huhuhuhuh... dizzy....

viking cave
They said here you can get the finest bird nest in the world...well they said so... I don't know..

preparing for snorkling in the sea....

we can see the nipple molesting session wahahaha

White uncle beer belly...wuhuhuhuh

                                                                   baby running

                                                                      can you find me in there???

                                                                  can you find me????

                                                               will only jump into this indoor pool

before I jump... let me be naughty.... kekekekeke.... mmmmm whose butt is this????

let me eat my snack first before jumping in there

owwhhhhh!!!! whose butt is that????

                                                                       time to feed the fish
                                                     owhhh!!!! my naughty eyes caught this butt

                                                               tihihihihihih.... owww!!!! fishy tickling

OMO.... its tickle fish!!!!

                                                        finally! reach to Phi Phi Island
so damn hot!!!!! and many people too...

Tada.... I paid 200baht for phi phi island cleaning fee

coconut cake

                                      italian ice cream at Phi Phi Island...don't care ...damn hot and I need to cool down

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