Friday, August 3, 2012


I love this groundnut appertiser

On Wednesday I went for dinner with my 'Pei Ling Chinggu' at Spring Garden, KLCC.
Pei Ling Chinggu keep asking me on when I can have dinner together...
Since there are many breaking news on woman got stabbed and got abducted at car park, I totally avoid to drive to shopping mall.
So both of us have no chance to go dinner together
I miss this place so much ...ahak!
I build up my courage and went dinner with her that night!

We both love that place so much...uhuk!
But the food taste has dropped...mmmmm they change cook? cook no mood to cook? mmmmm cook angry with boss? mmmm whatever...still food for us and glad be able to have good dinner

Pu Er Cha.... love this...

I hate corn starch soup....but I ordered this one.... ah! big mistake!

Special spring nooddles.....mmmmm not so special anymore!

The problem for both 'Chinggu' and me is we always fighting on who should eat more.
Both don't want to eat more and prefer to eat less.... both will glare and stare at each other in front of the food...Both don't want to become fat woman...
Normally, we will order one portion of everything and when the plate came both will fight who should have the liberty to divide the portion so the one who have the privellage to divide the food could cheat!
hehehehehe.... yeah like cheating put more food to other side...hehehehe you eat more you eat more so you could grow fatter and I don't have to put more effort to loose more weight... hehehehe....

We both know this is ridiculous fight but still we love fighting over this no sense fight...hehehehehe

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