Friday, August 10, 2012


Last Saturday food galore during my breaking fast was a blessed  one!

My 'Chinggu' and I decided to share this pumpkin soup as our starter..creamy and yummy! even the bread taste good...wahahahahahahaha... when this is my first meal for the day after starving myself the whole day even if you give me just that bread minus the soup I will say....DELICIOUS!!!!

My first time tried this spaghetti.... Squid Ink Spaghetti...
Look ugly but yummy!!!
Oh! wow! the color look so 'unique' and myterious... but the taste..O LALALALALALA...
totally loving this ...especially the garlic taste...
My 'Chinggu' told me I am eating my whole week cholestrol...muahahahahaha...
For those who is on first time date...please please don't order this one... you will look ugly...this is not the food to impress...your lips and teeth will smash with black squid ink!

'Chinggu' go traditional by ordering this 'Omellete Garlic Fried Rice'

Cappucinno...make me don't sleep the whole night!!!! Ah! the cappucinno will reply me...I am innocent!

All Ginza Cafe, Tokyo Street

Selca while waiting for the food 

ridiculous face...when I notice the waiter keep serving the other guest dillegently just because they look more 'fasting' than me...
The other table people just arrived and the waiters served them with water immediately and totally full attention to them and ignore my 'warm water'!
Ah! can't they see my annoying glare here???
My warm water please!
They said coming......

Still.... where is my warm water???
Eh! think I got no money is it???
Thank God the food I ordered arrive so I can try to forget on their totally ignorance towards me.
I done with my food
I done with my coffee...
Then the waiter came to me and asked whether I have any other order... warm water never arrived!

My PR skill sucks!!!!!

'Chinggu' said I look like not fasting to them....that is the reason....isk isk isk
What the heck???
They are so discrimination to me...... uwaaaaaa...

anyway I enjoy my dinner well and happy...hehehehe

with this uwaaa and hehehehehe in split second...I am totally have this split personality case.

I am afraid for tomorrow surgery...pray for me!

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