Monday, August 27, 2012


I know it is very disturbing to talk about death especially on Monday.... and also after long break.
I am sharing this here because this is my diary...
I need to let this out of my chest...
If not I feel depressed and sad...
Weekend I heard news about one of friend who I used to know...long time ago ...died...she suicide.
Don't ask how?
I feel so sad to even asked how?
Thinking about people who are very daring to do this...when they are aware this is 'one way ticket' and 'no u turn point'...they must be totally lost.
I can feel them...
I was at their position...few times during my younger period...when I was jobless and totally no money to survive in this big city and alone with nobody to turn to.
I am glad...I am able to realise soon enough before I really purchase that one way ticket to hell!
My life have been better now and I am stronger as a survivor with my own way of life!
Many will said...stupid!
Why you did that...and bla bla bla...
....the world is against us and feel like at the edge with only one way but to do is to run away from the problem and at that point leaving this world is the only solution!
Can't blame the that point of time...mind is not rationalise!
In general why people suicide?
* They're depressed!!! the pain is too severe to bear and unable to make rationale sense!
* Psychotic!!!this one more towards cannot accept the reality and facts and things not according to plan.
* Impulsive! on drugs? alchohol
* Philosophical desire to die! there are some reasoned decision for this case!
* No one to turn to! normally people who at this case they just don't realise and don't know what they did really a one way ticket!
* mistake! they made a huge mistake and can't bear to live with it and punish themself.
For those who have this thinking to suicide or world is against them....
Many others have more difficult life than you do...
When problem comes...face it...don't run...and solve the problem one by one...
Find somebody who could listen to you...
Throw away your EGO! and be humble!
EGO can kill you...
EGO also can make you prosper too!
Conclusion...your life is your journey...the path and the route is your choice!
Be positive and Be strong!

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