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Valued Voice
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I was driving back home last week usual traffic was so bloody slow.
Damn! why all this people need to go back at the same time???
My selfish thoughts!!!

I was at along Jalan Cheras when this car on my left...chilli red S5 Audi....and you know normally all this expensive car driver...usually is old man, not so good looking one or amoy who have so much 'money'.
OMO! not this one!!!!
The driver....
I think I am in love...
He is so cool....

Help me...I am looking for a good looking guy with his right ears piercing and driving Chili Red Audi - S5....and the car plate number is W_ _    12.
 People is driving lowered car and I am driving high car so can't really see all the alphabet but his number is 12.

What I want to say to him????

Hey dude!!!! you look so cool driving that car!!!

Nothing more.... I swear!!! hihihihihihihi

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