Monday, September 3, 2012


Traffic back to normal...yeay congestion everywhere!
Independance Day celebration is over and now everbody is looking forward for Malaysia Day celebration on 16th September 2012.....weeeeeee another 3 days weekend!!!!
Yeay! lazy ass like me always waiting for holiday.
I was so lazy to upload photos and post entry here...
Anyway, below......

first coffee bean breakfast after fasting for a month...

before swallow down all the toxin...I need some fresh natural vitamin into my body... 

grapes with empty stomache...good to start my morning!

there goes caffein into my body....huhuhuhu coffee is good!

Break O Day as usual 

my complete breakfast!!!! serious!!!! this last me for at least until dinner time!
So bad digestion,huh?

Chinggu is so crazy about this pop egg milk tea from Ochado...

Me??? I don't really like all these milk tea or whatever...not good for my body kekekekeke


  1. Hi Cindy, love the pics here, I must have my iced coffee everyday.
    First thing morning, last thing at night before I go sleep, and 3 more during the day.
    Nice pic if that smile if yours.
    You have a nice day, and keep a sing in your heart.

  2. Hi again Cindy, just to let you know, it took me 14 times to try type in your "not a robot' checkpoint.
    I think just your word verification check should be okay, like mine....
    Its safe.
    Thought jus let you know.

  3. hahaha good good! healthy lifestyle yo!


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