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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Omo! since I exercise like 'mad dog' and diet like 'horny cat'.... I am addicted to shop for more and more and more clothings.
Mad dog?
Horny cat?
mind my language!!!
Oppppssss!!!! I just wrote in whatever came to my don't mind me just read further...k?
Yeah! totally crazy over fashion...which I mean korean fashion style.
Am I fashionable???
Hell no!
Just like one...though!
whatever, huh???
As long as I  am happy... 
mmmmm.... korean fashion mean I need to have body like them...
Oh! well.... at this age with this metabolism rate.... take me ages to reach my goal!!!!
I ran 15 minutes...feel like 15 hours...OMO!!! serious!!!
I sweat a lot for 15 minutes and I think ...Oh yeah! my fat melted ledi...
So I stop...because if I run further then not my fat melt but my meat then my bones least I have 'bimbo theory' there...
So called determination to loose weight I have wonder it doesn't work at all....kekekekeke...
Whoever read this entry will be at jaw drop when I said ran for 15 minutes and melt my fat huh???

The truth is...I tried my best ledi... yesterday hit 3km only ...I have bone is hurt!
enough... with my 'hot hot chicken shit!' exercise routine..

Talking about shopping...mmmmm my eyes wide open now...

I am eyeing for this clothing.... nice or not???

V neck orange top

Lime Green top...I wish I can wear that stilleto

shall I go floral

not that fashionable???
Ah!!! as long as I am happy!
My money...anyway...not like you are paying for me...hehehehe me so bad after turning old huh???

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