Thursday, October 4, 2012

Princess's Memoir - Baby Bird Fly out

Remember 31st Dec 1995, I came to this big city for second  time to live on my own.
I went to register myself in college and get myself a room near MIA building at Taman Melawati.
Guess what kind of accomodation????
It is a tailor shop called Lee Hua's Tailor above Shakey's Pizza.
The owner sublet rooms to MIA students nearby.
Mine is sharing with another student from Seremban called Lee Yoke Peng.
Wonder what happen to Lee Yoke Peng now????
I remember called the number at notice board and get direction from Yoke Peng on taking pink mini bus to Melawati and where to stop.
I move in with just a back pack with few pieces of clothings wear.
Yoke Peng was kind enough to lend me her mattress for sleeping.
If not of her kindness, I will end up sleeping on cold hard floor....imagine how this spoil brat determination....
She wants a change in her life and she has dreams to achieve!
I maybe not a good student but I have strong determination to change my life.
What make me endure this hardship???
I know my parent won't be earnings for long.
Their old time will comes and needs more cash to maintain their health and living before they go off.
The time will comes where they will depends on me.... and I don't want to be a useless daughter who are not reliable. I don't care about the other daughters role, they could think for themselves.
I am just concern about my duty!
I want to send them off with a happy farewell not a regretable one!!!
If I were to go off before them.... I will make sure I leaving behind a huge some for them live happily too.
Their struggling moment to feed the four daughters.... I still remember!
Ah... another thoughts came to me...why on earth you breed that many children if you have to go through such hardship????
Aha.... this is the questions that will never receive an answer....
Anyway, I am just doing my affordable part and I am trying my best until now!

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