Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ah! too busy unable to write in my diary :(
This morning I was driving to office and while driving notice this girl in car behind me...she keep on smiling...yeah smiling face all the way.
Oh! so happy!
So sweet..

Yeah! I need to put on my smiling face to feel that positive vibes!

mmm...then I tried to put smiling face too...oh! WTH!!!! so awkward!
My morning grumpy face look weird!
I still smiling then during a traffic jam then I turn my smiling face toward the car beside me.
WTH! that uncle look at me as if I am psycho or something...

aissshhh... better not look at anybody...

Purpose of this entry???

No idea!

My rant!
My tooth still freaking hurt!!!!

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