Thursday, October 18, 2012


My laziness towards house chores....totally more than everything in the world!
Ask me to choose between sitting in front of computer vs sweeping the floor.
Who will choose that sweeping the floor???
Tell me....who is he / she????
I invite him / her to come and sweep the floor for me.
Ask me to do dirty dishes.....
mmmmm... I rather throw all in the dustbin...owhhh serious!!!!
I can't even find one decent spoon last night!
mmmm... lucky I have disposable standby at home!
isk isk sad with this woman laziness!
No wonder she still alone until now...
Deserve that WOMAN!!!!

Ok back to the story....
Discover 4 boxes of illegal VCD piling inside my room.
Once upon a time when illegal VCD and DVD is famous and you can get it from night market at 3 for RM10 of something.
Now....crazy over downloading free movie online until computer got hang!

OMO! I am dilemma here.... what to do with this????
Want to carry down?
OMO! me carry down this thing?
Heavy wor!!!!
Call for people to come carry???
They report you and people catch
I have many wor!!!!
What should I do???

Then looking at another clothes...OMO!
All look like mushrooms after raining and this is not fresh mushroom.
All this since year 1996 when I first came to KL.
OMO! beyond the pile look like now!
Wanna throw away or donate it....
Yeah ...there is one time I selected some for donation...but I end up feel like all also need to keep because of all got sentimental value.
Damn! this sentimental I end up think all I need to wear and end up not wearing it.
Of course the torn one I throw away but I am not that rough to wear it until it tear ...aishhhhh!!!!

I have many receipts too...
All in plastic bag and files...damn!
All since year 1996 too....
OMO! wanna throw away ...but all also got sentimental value!
WTH! with me????

Ah! tired ranting at the end and morale of this place is officially a junkyard!

tsk tsk day I wish I pray I hope I dream....

I have courage to put away my sentimental value and throw away my junk so my place look like heavan and a suitable place ....for Princess to stay.... God give me some strength here....

Crazy hor??? this entry??? Ya lor! I read also feel the psychoness here....scary!
This is actually my reason for not doing the spring cleaning....kekekeke so evil ar me???

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