Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am the next Maybank2U Star

When I was small, I always dream to be a STAR!!!!
But until now I am not even a star....(head down with sad face).
I found this opportunity to make me a star...oh least I need to try somewhere to realise my dreams.
Not too late even when I am almost 40 years old...
I am one loyal customer of since I started working.
huissshhhh!!!! very long.....
Every month when my salary credited to maybank accounts, I will sit there in front of my computer to pay bills, my loans and pay this pay that pay this pay that and within one day I finish off my one month salary just with click of mouse. muahahahaha....
I also always received SOS call from my lil sis who always give me headache with this short of cash all the time.
mmmmm..... even when I am traveling out of Malaysia, I don't have to worry much because I can access to my accounts anywhere I go just by click of button.
Recent incident was when I was traveling to Seoul and while I am having a breakfast I receive my Mum's SMS asking why she did not see any cash coming into her accounts that month?
That time, I was having second morning breakfast at one of popular coffee chain in Seoul.
I totally forgotten..... leh....too excited on my trip to Seoul until forgot about her monthly allowance.
hehehehe... (wicked smile)
I then quickly transfer cash using my which I access from my tablet.
Then I replied my Mum's sms....
" You didn't receive, meh????
I thought I transferred already???
Please check your accounts again! " 
muahahahaha....  (evil laugh)
Then I receive her replied....
" Oh!!! I can see the cash in my accounts, already..
Thank you!"
kekekekeke (sorry mum!)
Thank you ...maybank2u save me from my Mum's 'nagging' and 'grilling'.
Serious, I tried many online banking but my is always the most reliable and convenient until now!
So with this testimonial to please make me your next STAR!!!!
I need to be the STAR at least once in my life time before I reach that 40 years old!
Can help me???
Maybank2u??? (wink wink wink wink)
Anyone of you want to be a STAR???
Just admit it...don't shy...
Write a post like me on how has helped you and email your blog link of post to m2umarketing(at) along with your full name, IC number, address and contact number.
You may have chance to win ASUS Nexus 7 tablet.
If you add in a link Maybank2u Be a Star Facebook App Contest you could receive bonus point.
You don't have a blog???
I am sure you own a facebook accounts, at least.....
Here is Maybank2u Be a Star app , just dig out your best photo then create your own ad with a true story (in 80 character or less), of how Maybank2u helped you.
You will have chance to win RM5,000!!!!
mmmmm.... can finance your holiday!!!!
Plus... you are a star in your own ad!!!!!
Contest ends 31st December 2012.
pssstttt!!!! you need be one of maybank2u users.
So if you are not one of maybank2u users.... what are your waiting for?????
Maybank branch is almost everywhere..... so convenient just drop by to the nearest one....

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