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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Why Is It Important to Have a Wedding Hand Bouquet?

Any bride would surely want to look their best on their wedding not only because this is a special day but also to impress their guests. This is the reason why you have to plan ahead of time if you want everything to be polished. One thing that you should not forget on your wedding day is your hand bouquet. Just like how you choose a wedding gown, you also need enough time when searching for a hand bouquet and make sure that it will fit your dress. Know the Importance of a Hand Bouquet The idea of using flowers for a wedding had started in the Roman times. It symbolizes fertility wherein you will normally see orange blossoms, garlic, and herbs during this occasion. Romans and Greeks believed that the smell of flowers can somehow keep them away from evil spirits to guarantee the bride with a happy and peaceful marriage. However, herbs in the early days should be eaten by the newlyweds to heighten up their sexual desire. During the Victorian period, there was a change

3 reason why Name Cards beat smartphone

Why Name Cards Beat Smartphone ?   When I received my first event invitation to attend as blogger, I learn how important for bloggers to carry own name card. I remember my first event , one PR hand me her name card and I was so embarrassed for not being able to hand out mine in return. She did asked for it and I was shyly replied I don't have one. Lesson learn!  I carried my business card for second event. I then asked one bloggers who was sitting beside me for her blog url while handing out my new name card. She then shyly replied she need a pen and paper for her to write her url. Hope she learn her own lesson like me too. Then I realize this is how I look like during my first event. I look so sloppy and not ready to represent my blog.  Some people may commented , we are just bunch of bloggers and most of us just start a blog for fun during pass times as hobbies. To be honest, I did started out for rant space and over the years its shows some small coffee money out


ANNOUNCEMENT.... GIVEAWAY ALERT! BELOW JOIN FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN RM100 CREDIT SPONSORED BY SGSHOPMALAYSIA Have you ever read about Singles' Day annual biggest online event? Singles' Day in Chinese literally translate as 'bare sticks holiday'. This event widely celebrate by the youth who is proud to be single. WTH!  The date November ,11th (11.11) is chosen because it resembles an alone individual. Most single youth will be busy attending party to celebrate this Bachelor's Day and Blind Dates too.The Chinese people take this auspicious date to another level on the online era. This date become one of the largest online shopping Carnival in the world. Alibaba, Tabao and Tmall totally rake a fortune on this date.The seller who took part in this shopping carnival is giving away intensive discount and promotion.WTH! Single people like me who totally over with youth period has no party or blind date to go end up celebrating this single date in front of the


Milk is not for only babies or kids. Babies or kids need milk for healthy growth. We adult need to drink milk for our healthy golden years. Once you understand the importance of milk then, one will start drinking milk without a second thought. 5 reasons why milk is good for health : 1. Protein Excellent source for protein and it has 9 essential amino acids which important to meet our physiological needs. 2. Potassium Regulates our blood pressure and we needed this for muscle contraction.  3. Calcium Strengthen our bones and can at least prevent it from old age disease such at osteoporosis. 4. Vitamins Fantastic source for Vitamins A,B-12 and D. Vitamin A to maintain good eye sights and smooth skin. It also helps to controls cell growth and proper functioning of our immune system. Vitamin B-12 is essential for nervous system and also for blood formation. Vitamin D helps for calcium absorption 5. Niacin Keep normal function of enzymes and body process sugars an


My first camera is Canon! Yeayyyy!!! Then when I was invited for Canon EOSM10 X RILAKKUMA launching event, I was like...hurayyyyy!!! Why? Goshhhh!!! Rilakkuma is a teddy bear and whoever been reading my blog will know I am a teddy bear lover. WTH! Canon + Rilakkuma = Princess Cindyrina  Canon EOSM10 X Rilakkuma is a special limited edition box set , bundled up with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy. Super excited? What's so special about Canon EOSM10? * High performance mirrorless interchangeable -lens camera * Compact and lightweight series * 18.0 megapixels APS-C sensor * Fast hybrid CMOS AF II systems * Designed for perfect selfies * Super duper convenient self portrait mode features with only one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect.  * Wi-Fi features with seamless sharing on social media platforms Price Canon EOSM10 starts at RM1,999.  You can get this camera for FREE? Read below to kn


Recently, I was invited to launch preview by AmorePacific Malaysia of its latest brand Mamonde. Mamonde is a french word for 'My World'. AmorePacific is not new in beauty products to name some of very well known brand under the same wings are Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree and Sulhwasoo Mamonde is expecting to reach to our Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its beauty counter in Aeo Bandar Utama. Since Mamonde origin from South Korea, it has launched in U.S, China, Thailand and Malaysia. If I am not mistaken Malaysia is the second country they launhed after China. The event was like a fairy tales to me. We were walked to the ' Mamonde Garden ' full of blooming flowers. Flowers theme is synonyms to Mamonde since it product formulation use the flower science technologies and its floral properties.  One can imagine what is the scents of these products. I love the lovely scents of the flowers. I was told Mamonde's skincare is th


How many of you have heard about ampoule?  Ampoule contains highly concentrated active ingredients which easily penetrate into skin. Many thinks ampoule and serum is the same in fact both function is almost similar. Well they're not quite the same because the difference is the amout of active ingredients and the molecule size of the active ingredient and its size is smaller than in the serum. Conclusion is ampoules are more potent than serums! My skin condition was terrible when I just came from Taiwan trip. hehehehe...I tried to pack to minimal and end up with the only facial wash, toner and emulsion. No, moisturize or even eye gel. isk isk skin type is super dry too. So the result was that on the photo...super dry and rough skin. I was lucky to receive this sponsor from DocLab to try out Premium Face Ampoule which contains HA Hyaluronic Acid. Well..most of us know that HA Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost skin moisture and deep hydration. I was like Y

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