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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Have you ever read about Singles' Day annual biggest online event? Singles' Day in Chinese literally translate as 'bare sticks holiday'. This event widely celebrate by the youth who is proud to be single. WTH! 

The date November ,11th (11.11) is chosen because it resembles an alone individual. Most single youth will be busy attending party to celebrate this Bachelor's Day and Blind Dates too.The Chinese people take this auspicious date to another level on the online era. This date become one of the largest online shopping Carnival in the world. Alibaba, Tabao and Tmall totally rake a fortune on this date.The seller who took part in this shopping carnival is giving away intensive discount and promotion.WTH!

Single people like me who totally over with youth period has no party or blind date to go end up celebrating this single date in front of the PC. My finger will be very busy clicking add to cart and checking out. WTH! 

Not missing out this largest online carnival, SGshop plans series of promotion which include publicity, game , discount and rebate. Join me in this  #SGshop1111 Online Shopping Fever and Craze starting today 1.11 - 11.11.2016. We start our shopping early since that 11.11 will be super congestion and still able to enjoy up to 90% discount. Here some tactic to avoid congestion during that craze and grab some discount and good bargain. READ CAREFULLY....Who knows you may end up shopping like crazy for FREE.

'Warm up your cart' with Pre-order period from 1.11 - 10.11.2016


- pre order is entitled 50% discount in service charge in second payment.
- The user need to click [ Pre-order button ] while checking out the shopping cart during the Pre-Order period, in order to enjoy the discount during this period.
- If the order is normal order instead of #SGShop1111 Pre-order, the order shall not entitled for any discount.
* Purchasing department will place order during 11 November 2016. The price difference will be credited back to customers' SGshop balance.
- Orders under "Ship-for-me" will not be entitled the discount.


- Each order valued over RM300.00 shall be given SGreward RM11.00 as rebate.
- Order under " Ship-for-me" is excluded.


- When each order placed is worth over RM100, the user shall have chance to play [ Scratch to win ]. The total prize is worth up to RM10,000, which include SGreward and mysterious prize.
- Only orders under " SmartShop " and "Buy-for-me" are entitled to [ Scratch to win ]. " Ship-for-me" is excluded.
-Prize content includes [RM10 SGreward] , [RM5 SGreward], [RM2 SGreward], mysterious prize and [Thanks for your participation]


- At 11:11AM and 11:11pm everyday within Pre-order period, Ang Pow is available to be grabbed by the customer.
- There are total of 11,000 ang pows available.
- Each customer shall have 1 attempt to grab ang pow at one time.
- Ang pow content includes : [RM20 SGreward], [RM10 SGreward}, [RM5 SGreward], [RM2 SGreward] and [Thank you for your participation].

The craze doesn't stop here.....

SGshop is giving away 11 prizes worth up to RM11,000!

* Grand prize - iPad Pro 12.9 inch (worth RM3,500)
* 2nd prize - refurbished Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700 I 27 All-in-one-PC (worth RM2,500)
* 3rd prize - RM1,111 SGshop reward
* 4th prize - MAXGear Dual Wheel Hoverboard (worth RM1,000)
* 5th prize - RM888 SGshop Reward
* 6th prize - Philips Grind & Brew Coffee Machine (worth RM650)
* 7th prize - RM555 SGshop reward
* 8th prize - Fujifilm Instax mini 70 (worth RM450)
* 9th prize - RM333 SGshop reward
* 10th prize - XiaoMi Mibank 2 (worth RM300)
* 11th prize - RM111 SGshop Reward

How to win #SGshop1111 awesome prizes?

1. Must be SGshop Member

2. Check out the webpage of #SGshop1111 Online Shopping Fever via SGshop Malaysia website, click "Share to Facebook" button to share this page to Facebook.

3. Tag our Facebook page @SGshop Malaysia in shared post.

4. Write the most creative caption to describe '#SGshop1111 Online Shopping Fever' & include hastag #SGshop1111 in the caption / comment.

5. Tell your friends in the caption / comment about which prize you want to win and why you want to win it.

6. Set the post privacy to 'Public'.

7. Tag as many friends as possible in the comment , or share your post to other Facebook Groups.

8. The more Likes + Comments + Shares you have , the higher chance you get to win the prizes.

Winner will be announced on 17.11.2016, make you to stay tuned at SGshop Facebook page.


Princess Cindyrina Giveaway for the month of November is very special giveaway. The prize is RM100 online shopping credit sponsored by SGshop Malaysia in conjunction with #SGshop1111 promotion.


Step 1 - Like this page :

Step 2 – Like and share this post with hashtags #PrincessCindyrinaGiveaway and #SGshop1111 in your caption “ I want to win SGshopMalaysia shopping credit from Princess Cindyrina because ……. “ and set your post as Public.

Step 3 - Tag 3 friends on post sharing

This Giveaway ends on 9th November 2016 and I will announce the lucky winner on the 10th November 2016.

Make sure to register at SGshopMalaysia since I need the your username registered to credit RM100 into your SGshopMalaysia accounts.

Giveaway T&C :
1. Giveaway opens to all Malaysia legal residents only.
2. Only participants who fulfill the mentioned requirement will be qualified for this Giveaway.
3. One (1) winner will be choose from the effort and number of shares and likes will be choose randomly.
4. PrincessCindyrina reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at anytime.




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