Monday, December 10, 2012

My Korean Name

hahahahahahaha.... laugh first!

OK... me getting very boring and cannot sleep last night.
Then found this gadget to generate your name to 'korean name'.

Guest what????
My korean name is Shin Rin Rin!
Muahahahaha... so everybody call me Shin Rin Rin ok!

This is fun can try this gadget.
Can find in my blog. Top left hand side.

Then I tried my sis name...
My first sis become Park Ra Gi (hahahahaha... weird!)

My Third sis become Noh Seul Chan (not bad!!! I kind of like this....a lil like Sin chan! muahahahaha)

My last sis become Noh Seul Hyo (nothing in particular ... just a normal one)

My chinggu no. 1 become Seo Min Young (happy le that fella got similar name like Park Min Young the lead actress in City Hunter)

My chinggu no. 2 become Park Ah Ah (WTH!!!! sure rolling to the ground if she knew this)

My other chinggu become Shin Hoo Hyuk ( aiyooooo!!!!!)

Have fun with this gadget!

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