Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wanna be Naughty again

Hello my dear diary!!!

My first entry in year 2013!
Since I am no longer 'cute' so I borrow this adorable face from google...WTH!
I was sick ...OMO! not 'was' but still sick!
Sore throat le ...fever and pain here pain there.
Mood swing is worst than typhoon katrina.
I don't understand myself at all.
Aisshhh....I just comfort myself by saying ...this is ageing process.
mmmmm...this bad???
I can't stand myself also how to expect people around me to understand me???
mmmmm....thank god!!!! I have nobody to be effected by mood swing...lucky! pheewwwww....
is this good or bad???

mmmm...again entry always sounds confusing and because I am confuse woman!

Many invitation to meet here and there with 'friends'.
Again... I am anti social woman so lazy to socialising.
I prefer to be alone.
I will avoid whatever....why?
Just lazy!
Whatever people going to say...I live my life just for myself ...not for I will do whatever I feel comfortable. No need to drag me if I am not interested. Sounds harsh! huh?
Ya lor....
So bad of me....
Whatever.... I decided to play naughty again by end of this month...
hehehehehehe (evil sounds)

Have a good working day ahead....all people....remember...whatever people say...your life is in your are responsible in whatever decision you are choose your own path...

Whoa!!!! my first entry in year 2013 is like kicking everybody away...huh????

Aisshhhh!!! I am just expressing my truth point of view...nothing wrong! muahahahaha (evil laugh)

OMO! I am so evil this year huh?

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