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Good morning!
Enjoying cup of Italian Roast from Starbucks!
Totally love this black coffee.
Anyway this is much better than 3 in 1 which are sweet and taste like sugar water to me.

Huhuhuhuh.... this Princess starting to be big headed and bring her taste to another level. isk isk isk...

Fine...this morning my entry is about whatever come through my mind.
So no structured post ok.
My post will be all over the place....hhahahahaha normal because my mind a bit hair wired these few weeks.

I will be  away to Yangon next week.
For what?
I will be doing some recruitment for new set up there.Damn!
I hate this the most.meeting and talking to people...most important listen...I am not a good listener though....I can easily get bored when people start talking to me.
Do I like to talk....not really....I just like to observe....sounds very passive in person huh!!!

My Hanoi post....still 'unfinished business'...I still have 2 more entries to go.
Upload photo but thought of writing my post only next week.
Lazy fingers!

Last night! my Pao woke me up.
See see...mummy sleeping and Pao Pao wake up wanna play.
After play with my pao then I cannot sleep...WTH!

So I started to think.... mmmmm my best friend for 18 years , birthday fall on 8 Mar and on that day also is a woman day...
I was thinking to give him some surprise at his office.
Let me give a little background on who he is....
Oh well he is in Finance line...a bachelor....I consider him as 'King of Nerd' equivalent.
Just love to sleep...because every time call he will be sleeping...duh!!!!
Not like other guy ...he don't have any interest on sports...ask him about car...mmmmm guess my level can talk better about car muahahahaha...
Whatever... he still kind man and good friend to me.

Just like me both of us single but doesn't mean we both gay or lesbian....hahaha we both straight ok.
We just don't care much about partner in life.
We just focus on living our life!

Talking about plan...I was thinking to send flower and cake to his office and sign off as 'LOVE ANDREW'.

hahahahahahaha..... i was laughing all the way last night...why ...hehehehehe his office must be thinking he is gay...muahahahaha... Guy receive flower from beloved guy friend??? this is weird!!!

mmmmm... just my thought...but to execute this...I can't afford to lose his friendship to me.

Happy Birthday in advance! Just in case my Boss send me off to Myanmar out of sudden again....normal Boss now think go to Myanmar is like going to Ipoh!

I seriously , hate the idea travel oversea for work.
Me just love leisure travel...who don't like that huh???


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