Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Am I the only one???
I can feel it..
Money is getting smaller.
Right after election...
postal rates increased drastically...since I am online business I am feeling this pinch...with lower margin only hope that the currency is getting better...yeah my hope is hopeless now...getting worst...aish!!!
Then I went to shop for my grocerries...ouccchhh... the price of my favourite tuna in can is like RM5.20 when before election it cost me at least RM0.30 - RM0.40 cheaper. incident or well planned...well...I don't know.
I am not the leader of this country.
I am just a 'kici meow meow' contributor for this country.
In this country the middle income earner like me... ' they' squeeze us to dry.
How much will my EPF money worth when I reach 55 years old.
Is it enough to cover my cost of leaving before God call me???
My savings...can I still earn 6% interest???

mmmmm...i foresee i will end up paying the bank instead of earning interest.

Investing in property???
Expensive and dare not commit the high sky installment.
Yeah! me that play safe attitude and dare not taking that risk.

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