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Monday, July 29, 2013


My favourite all time this cherry tomatoes.
Very easy breezy to make this snack.
* Tomato cherry clean thoroughly
* Then cut slice in the middle...don't cut it all the way down
* slices of dried plum or in our term call 'asam boi'
* Then insert in slices of 'asam boi' to the middle of cherry tomato
* keep it in tight container
* leave it in the fridge
* best to eat it after keep it over night in the fridge
* delicious to munch this snack while watching favourite show.
Give this a try!
You won't regret!


  1. i suka gak tapi buat ngan limau kasturi pastu nyonyot..hahaha..

  2. itu resepi masa kecik..limau kasturi dgn asam boi yah pakai lipstick lepas tuh..


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