Thursday, November 7, 2013


I took free shuttle from ferry terminal to Grand Lisboa...pheewwww...the shuttle drop everyone right to the door step of the casino...
You basically step inside the casino .... and casino all the way...
feeling lost suddenly...the eerie feeling... I need to keep my mind strong...don't feel tempting of hitting that jackpot machine like those A Ma (Granny)!
I walk and walk ..keep looking for 'SAIDA' (EXIT) sign...
cannot find also...
Have to ask mind getting weak...Oh my...the dark force is pulling sit there...
Drama!!! huh?? WTH!
finally..I found my way out!

My bean milk curd!!!

The next morning...I mean not really morning...I went for brunch at that Xinjian Restaurant
again...whoaaaa!!!!! this make me full until my 8:30pm flight!
This time, I tried pear tea, xinjiang special lamb rice and of course my favourite dumplings!!!

thank God!!! I can check in my luggage from Macau ferry terminal.
Less hassle when I reach HK.Best is the ferry took me direct to HK convenient with just handbag to the airport!
Bye Bye Macau!!
Thats it..Hong Kong!!!
My next adventure coming week!!!

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