Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I need to cross to Taipa to go to Venetian City .
I took public bus to Ferry Terminal.
Then from Ferry Terminal I took free shuttle to Venetian City.
As usual in the public bus, I was called by one philipines woman....since the bus was full then I need to stand.
That lady was looking at me...then slowly she keep saying this to me... philipines? philipines??/
I smiled at her and shook my head...no no..
Owwwhhh!!! you look like philipines???? really look like philipines???
I just smile...
yeahhh..people are looking at me...oh goshhhh!!!
Indonesian??? she continue again....
I shook my head again with no no..
yeahhh...keep guessing!!!
where you from???? she asked again...
aiyooo...so persistent to know where I am from??? huh???
I am from Malaysia!!!!
Finally , I said it!
Owwwhhh!!! she replied...face look like philipines...
Me just smile and replied...yeah yeahhhhh...we philipines,malaysia,indonesia, vietnam,thailand,myanmar.... same face!!!
In my head.... this one can be one...adorable philipines...hehehehe Kawaiii!!!
Don't throw up.. please!!!
Finally , I am at Venetian City.
The world largest Casino and according to many this place is one of Asia's most exciting entertainment destination.
O really????
Anyway, I love the interior though...
Lavish italian style decor...and wow!!!! I feel like in Venice already!!!!
My kind of style!!!

Remember one of the scene  from BOF...
Jan Di got rejected by Jun Pyo and she ride on one gondola and the gondola peddler sang to her that soprano style song...and Jan Di listen to his song and cry uwa uwa uwa isk isk isk...
Bad Jun Pyo!!!
Poor Jan Di!!!
Oh well...since bad boy Jun Pyo..belong to me...muahahahaha...Jan Di!!! you are out!!!
Ah...wanna watch that BOF again...I think its episode 13,14 and 15 they are in Macau!

Angel in the cage...beautiful song from the harp

Why I didn't take this gondola???
Aiyooo!!! lazy to line up with others!!!
That fella not really sing one!!!!
Joke around ..ya!!!
You know ...I will get cranky if people joke around with me!!!
If I suddenly turn into Angry Bird here...how????
Who is going to calm me down???
This is the bridge where Jan Di waiting for Jun Pyo....and Jun Pyo hurt Jan Di heart badly...bad Jun Pyo!!!! Oh! I love you!!! (Psycho!!!)
Thank you !! Macau Ajussi for taking this photo for me...
That fella took it from far...me go closer please closer please..WTH!!!
 What to expect right???
He snap this for FOC!!!
I give up!!!
Thank you Ajussi!!!
I snap myself better,huh!
huhuhuh...my heart feel like want to pose like Jan Di while waiting for Jun Pyo...but hooooo.... so shy!!!
Look at my dull pose!!!
Damn the bridge arm is almost same height with me...
Should have stand a bit up....foolish me!!!
No point regret now!!!! Too late!!!

My tea time at sands contai central...red bean with glutinous rice balls...yummy!!!!
Next...trying to find where is City of Dreams!!!

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