Valued Voice

Valued Voice
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Place I love the most in Malaysia is be exact Jonker Street...hehehehehe....
Nothing to write because I feel lazy to do hope the photo say it all....

New discovery in Malacca, Bastion Victoria...yeahhh... another Portuguese ruined but the state authority dig out and leave it for Aedes moquitoes breeding place.WTH!!!

Melaka Tree... and Melaka Fruit!

Gosh...look at the hot dogssss!!!!!

I ate this seafood grilled!!!!

That old man with the ting ting candy...yup!! that the way I called that candy!!! kekekeke... don't know the real name.

Seriously...every time I visited this place...I find the Malacca old folk are the most happy one!!!!

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