Saturday, December 21, 2013


Yesterday morning wake up....well to be exact I always awake since the night before.
Suffering diarrhea....everything was fine when morning came...but I am so tired already. for sick leave.
I think I can fall asleep while driving to work.
I only manage to go out around alone like this le....only be able out of house when feel fit to drive...haisshhhh..

I went out to Doc for MC. Need one since I decided to rest at home.

Yup! me and resting at home high ambition for lady like.
Like I can back home to sleep or rest.
Not that kind le...

End up drove myself 1:00pm I reached AMPCORP Mall...gosh!!! what the hell am I doing here???
I really have no idea.
Must be my back to memory lane case...end up me driving here...if I said I don't realize I drove there...people will said I bluff one!!!
But seriously, I only realize what is going on only when I reach the car park..eheh? 

Clueless...don't know what to since I am there...just walk in to one hair salon.
I didn't have hair cut for quite sometimes...time to snip this lengthy hair off.

The IvanMax hair studio salon Director, Max Chan asked came all the way here just to get a hair cut???
Me : mmmmm...not really..I walked in here because I don't have place to go.
Max : How short I can cut your hair?
Me : Go shortest possible please...(with not sure face)
Max lifted up his eyebrow..
Max : sure ar??/
Me : I want my head to feel lighter...
Max : like this arrrr... I think I can't cut too short for your hair...i can only go for this short k??
Me : as you please...
Max : You eat ledi ar???
Me : Not yet! I haven't eaten since morning.
Max : you should eat ....
then he go bla bla bla bla...about his phnom penh trip, my hair like a virgin because no coloring before...nice hair color  and there and here...
The lady opposite me was chatting away about politics and ladies behind me was having fun...on who looking good ...guess they are having some dinner or function to go that night.
Me ...really don't know what is really going on around me.
My mind seems going somewhere else which me not really sure.
I feel like my soul left my body at that moment.

Gosh!!! what is going on with me???

By the time I am out of AMCORP Mall is around 3pm...raining...and I go Damn!!!1
I then realise...I just wasted my day of being 39 years old woman....Goshhhhh!!! wake up!
I feel like slapping my face.... actually not like slapping but slapped!!! Damn!

Reached home...look myself in the hair is this short now??? the end result from IvanMax Hair Salon. Thank you Max! I visit you again when i need a hair cut next!

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