Wednesday, December 25, 2013


In my previous entries I talked about I went for 3 days hiatus.
Actually, was a bit on depressed side since the 2013 is ending.
I feel a bit lost...well not really a bit but I have that major loss and no sense of directions in life kind of thing.
I gone through this every end of the year.
But this end of 2013 is the BIG hu ha for me.
Well ...since I am going to be 40 years old next year.
Gosh!!! what is my achievement????
This make me feel a bit down to myself.

Chinggu...spontaneous road trip last Saturday really help to cheer me up!

See??? this is the bright and shining smiles again....kekekeke

We went for late brunch at our favourite Kesington place

Later dinner both of us reached at our favourite Eleven Bistro at Jonker Walk

Portuguese Baked Squid

Tamarind paste Prawns, Nyonya Stlye

My favourite Cencalok Omellete

End our day with our favourite Nyonya Cendol at our favourite place Bibik House Cendol.
Even the Ajumma ...never failed to recognise both of us everytime we visited her place.....regular customer

love this palm sugar

While waiting for bring me my Cendol

trying to get my best shot

Here come my delicious yummy cendol

Since Ajumma told Chinggu I am beautiful....hehehehe...I give you free advertisement in my blog...
If you visit Jonker Walk...don't forget to try out delicious nyonya cendol at Bibik House.
Original Cendol RM5
Durian Cendol....mmmmm...I forgot the price.
Do check out Bibik House Cendol!!!

Thank you...Bibik House Ajumma...for calling me beautiful and make me feel over the top!!!1
Yup!!! its been quite sometimes to hear people say me beautiful...whether sincere comment or not...Her simple comment made my day!!!!
Really miss out my youthful time!

Later walk towards the end of Jonker Walk...then heard this man shouting 
"Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream"
That funny Chinggu....goes singing that Sexy Hyuna Ice Cream song...

That Man : :Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream!!!
Chinggu & Me : Cream...cream cream....
with me trying to dance like Sexy Hyuna in middle of Jonker Walk...of course passers by look at me like totally nut case!
Then both of us burst out our idiotic singing styles...WTH!
As if both of us get drunk after eating that Nyonya Cendol????

Ah...notice that nobody come to visit and buy the Durian Gelato that man was pull Chinggu to that Durian Cottage and decided to try out their Durian Gelato.
Only RM3 for Cone Durian Gelato.
I am not fan of Durian but this Gelato taste yummy!!!
If you come to Jonker Walk do try out this delicious Durian Gelato at Durian Cottage. 

If you see in photo of me holding that durian gelato with weird smile...mmmmmm trying to hold my breath and eat that gelato happily....seriously...ignore the smells and enjoy the taste!

That Chinggu...always over react when I started to do something good...
Yeah!! when I am busy buying that gelato just in front of that store.
Haishhhh...that Chinggu already inside the store...
Busy selecting durian crepes...

Me : woit!!! thought you don't like this kind of dessert???
Chinggu : Since you said you want to help them and give them I help also lor...
Me : Haisshhhh!!! I should have known you would re act this way...

Well this Durian crepes...mmmmm...not bad.

If i don't stop that Chinggu...that fella will end up getting both of us fat that night...he even show me...he is going to buy some durian layer crepes as well.
Thank God! I stop him quickly...
As if both us big eater...if I don't stop him...both of us will end up fighting all the way back on who should finish up that layer crepes.

Lovely Saturday and great weekend for me...Thank you Chinggu!

Merry Xmas everybody!!
Have a great celebration today!

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