Monday, December 23, 2013


Just want to share what I have read during my three days hiatus.

Professor Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank said this during the interview with Santa Barbara Independent..

" Ordinary businesses :
* aimed at making money
* there is no consideration of how people benefit,
* it is all about making profits

Social businesses :
* all about social benefits
* not a personal gain

Profit are important in social businesses which seek to sell products at prices that make it self - sustaining.
Important reminder - social businesses is not a charity but profits are not its ultimate goals.
When social business turns a profit, the original investors are repaid. But the rest of the profits stay with the company in order to achieve its long term social goal of helping the poor. "

If you deciding to venture into consider to do the ORDINARY BUSINESS OR SOCIAL BUSINESS?

Have a good working days ahead of you!

Don't forget to feel confident of yourself!

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