Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's a fact of business life that people come and go...
The offer of better prospects or career advancement elsewhere will naturally draw good people away from time to time. Well this is the reality of life, isn't it???

But what about the others-the ones who leave in order to do much the same thing, for much the same money,elsewhere??? What went wrong here???

Don't you think this scenario is common too???

Bosses will often assume it's question of pay. 
Well lazy thinker Bosses will assume this scenario at it is!!

Thinking in employees shoes, I put it this way....

Money is important ! It is hypocrite of anybody not thinking money as less important!

Don't you think it's essential to pay people fairly for the job they do???

Bosses!!!! get real...we employee need fair compensation for our services to you and your companies.

When companies doing well ...don't you think ...bosses??? you need share out some profits of your companies success???

But throwing money ...isn't the point here...

When people leave a good company,it's often because....
*  they don't feel good themselves!
* They actually feel marginalised! 
* They feel ignored!
* They feel underused!
* Most of the times they feel overused!

Anyhow, trust me not many people actually spend every spare hour scouring the jobs pages hunting for a higher salary. Most are driven back into the jobs market by frustration. 

Their bosses don't listen to them!

Sometimes if you think you have good business idea and it falls to the ground you will end up saying this to yourself.....

" I am fed up with this lot! I'm getting out of here!

So Bosses!!!!! open your ears and do have that attitude...LISTEN more !!!!
It wouldn't do any harm to just listen!!!

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