Friday, January 17, 2014


I am glad to be at home.
No place as warm as home.
Starting my day with hot coffee while writing in to my diary...enjoying 'Big Bang' song....I feel like I get my path right today. Praying hard God let me go through out today with peace!

I find myself busy bee since new year 2014 started 17 days ago....
Good sign ? Bad sign?
Don't know....only God knows what coming for me through out the year.
I just hope..what coming is not that bad and not that difficult to handle.

Anyway, I find myself going through some paid off debts time since year started.

1. My car two front tire was very slippery and almost cause me accident...end up changed 2 front tires and the mechanic told me the tire was at that danger bad for being ignorance!!!!

2. Saving somebody ....yup!!! part of my existence on earth to be that 'Wonder Woman' and rescue everybody around me. That is why I hate to be around people especially the so called human who live selfishly. Anyway, what 'Wonder Woman' got to do ..she just need to do it without complain. I live it to you God!

3. Sent my parent back North (sound like I sent them off to North Korea eh??? hihihih)....on the way back..then stone hit my front wind goes..more cash and time out to change that big wind screen. Yaya... I have that insurance that I can claim...but all this takes time and very troublesome and disturb my daily life. 
Then another half way drove back, one stupidly modified proton wira at the fast at the middle lane. That stupid modified wira car drove fast over took me...then that car ...I think rubber from bumper...flew off and hit my car...I got stunned ( imagine yourself drove at the highway at 90-100km speed then one thump thing hit your screen) tell me who not stunned by that. You hit the break for sure...but at least I dont really hit my break hard...but I almost lose control though... since that rubber flew off to my windscreen then slip down to my front headlights and down to my bumper...the effect both my headlights gone. I guess that bloody so called rubber hit it hard..yup!! loud thump sound! Just got my headlights changed! damn it!

4. On the way to work was driving towards Loke Yew road then heard the loud 'thump' sounds...then from my rear mirror saw one motor biker fall off and roll down and don't know what thing from that motorbike flew off and hit my car. I stunned again...and still continue my journey to work while praying hard...God! hope for no more cash out this time. Reach office..checked goes another scratch and bend to my bumper...sharks!!!! isk isk isk...why? why ? why? not even a month yet ??? I feel so burden and heart sick to face all this.

5. On the way back from work another motorbiker rolled down behind my car due to that fella 'zig zagging' and end up hit the front of the car behind me. Seriously, it is a horror moment to witness all this accident...scary...all the way back weak heart go thump thump thump as if it going to explode! The picture of that motor biker rolling down keep coming to my head...damn it! nightmare that night! my dream.. I am the biker instead...gosh!!!

6. At work...I feel like I am 'Tom Cruise' in 'Mission Impossible'.Maybe my name can be Cindyrina Cruise with CC initial??? eheh?
Most of the task given to me is ridiculously impossible to solve. Trying my best to stay positive!
To me the impossible can be possible. I keep thinking this is my talent and this is why I can earn my living earnestly. Yup! inside is suffering but outside pretend to be everything alright! Sound like a psycho trying to live then...whatever!!!

All come with a reason...I pray hard I can get over this bad omen period peacefully with strong heart!
The only way to stay strong is to keep thinking ...others going through worst than me...and... mine??? just like eating 'peanut'...its hard to chew but its delicious. Chewing the hard peanut could ruin your tooth...and you can always go to dentist to fix it . There is always a way to solve problems! So for those who think they face some difficulties in this life.... try your best to face this challenge calmly...just like me. kekekeke..i need a pat to my back to stay strong though!

I find myself wiser and calm since I am ageing....reflect back if I am to face this...10 years back...gosh!!! I think I flip out and goes hysteria...hahahaha..DRAMA QUEEN as usual....the old me!

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