Friday, February 28, 2014


I got fed up with my credit card of 10 years with the same bank.
It is due to expire on Apr this year.
I then decided to sign up from another bank.
I downloaded the form and prepare all the necessary supporting documentation.
Since the bank is just like walking distance from my office, then I just drop by and pass my application in envelope to the banker there.
I was told the lady in charge was on break time.
I asked for the in charge person name and inform that lady to pass to her.
The same day the lady called and said the form is not the correct one.
I told her I downloaded from their website.
She told me there is a new form.
Fair enough! I asked her to email to me.
She said she will right after she put down the phone.
Evening back home, check my email there were no form coming through.
The next day waited again.
Her phone always engaged. No way to connect to her.
No way I am going to walk there again just for one bloody form when they don't have a courtesy to update their website.
The next day, I feel that I had enough!
I walk to the bank to retrieve all my personal supporting documents.
I determined to withdraw my application since there were no form and they are like not interested to have me as their customer.

I walk in the bank ...and was told to meet her right at the end of that room.
When I introduce myself politely with a smile on my face....
That Woman (cannot call her Lady anymore) with a stone face said this to my face....

Woman : aaaarrrr...the form ?
Me : Yes. I am waiting for your email but it seems that nothing came from your side. Can I have my personal supporting document so I could bring my application elsewhere ?
Woman : nahhhhh.... (with that bloody rude face)

Seriously, this bank just lose one potential customer.

The same day, I wrote my complaint through their website and request them to upgrade their customer service and how I felt to that rude incident. I also mentioned they just lose one potential customer because their staff just treated me as if I am worthless. I also give my piece of mind to lecture them on how competitive bank industries nowadays.Sales people are dying to sign up people for credit card.It just I am one person who are particular and chose to walk in and sign direct with bank rather than signing up at the road show or on the street. Your bank staff treated me like....damn!
If she know who she just lost...she freak out! I am good paymaster and spender. You just lose me! How your management should re act now? Damn!!!

After 2 days, I received call from the branch manager of the bank personally. He apologise for the incident. He said he will email the credit card form personally and will drop by my office to collect it personally at whatever time convenient. 

Sorry to say, NO THANK YOU!

As I said I put my application elsewhere who will treat me better!
That staff of yours , please teach her how to smile at least.
Smile won't cost her a dime!

I just replied his email and said noted and thank you. That it! You will not hear from me again!

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