Friday, February 7, 2014


I am at this stage...reaching to the eruption level.
I hope I don't explode that bad...
Trying my best to control my speech...not to hurt people..not to make enemy...
Trying my best to love instead of hate...
Trying my best to control my bluntness....

Arrgggghhhhhh!!! this is killing me softly!

I am praying hard my temper don't explode and make me an ugly person.
I am praying hard ....I don't regret on my act!

By holding all this ...I think ...I am going crazy...the anger is like boiling hard!
I wanna let it go...but I keep thinking about it and this make me more angry!

Seriously, I am not adorable when I am angry!

'One of my EMO post'


  1. I guess it's normal for us to get upset and angry at times. I'll advise you to try to destress in other ways instead of holding on all your'll be ugly if you cannot control those anger anymore. Blogging is one of a good ways among the many others...or you can try running, or maybe going out for a drink and chit chat with your friends. It's important to find the right channel to release all these anger and emotion inside. Have a great weekend!!

    1. Hi Billy! I choose running least can burn out the fat too! You too have great weekend!


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