Friday, May 30, 2014

#koreandramaost #princesscindyrina Jung dong ha(정동하) _ Mystery(미스터리) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part 5)

Best drama ever!
Master's Sun deserved to win more awards.
The OST are great and Jung Dong Ha's vocal for this song Mystery is awesome!
I watched this drama many times and still love it.

Another Korean Drama craze post from forever in love Princess Cindyrina!

Guess what???
I am going to field trip tomorrow!

Have a good weekend everybody!!!!


Last Sunday, I was craving for delicious walnut carrot cake.
Found this at Espresso Lab near One U. WTH!
So damn shiok wor!!!
Totally my taste.
I am one person who are very picky when it comes to cake tasting.
I only eat cream cheese with clean taste.
Hate the thick too creamy and greasy taste!
When it come to cake...mmmmmm...I don't like the fluffy and dry type.
I love solid and moisture type of cakes.
The cake need to be less sweet too!
 I don't eat sweet cakes!
So difficult huh???
This Walnut Carrot cake at Espresso Lab, seriously????
Give it a try!
Its expensive, they charge you RM14 for one slice but to me it really delicious!

 Lovely Sunday with delicious Walnut Carrot cake and pair with Latte

After enjoying, found out my best friend came. WTH!
I forgot to spare sanitary in my bag.
End up at watson looking for the smallest ultrathin kotex.
Lovely packaging from kotex and really convenient for emergency lady like me.
nice huh!

How can from carrot cake story change to sanitary pad????
I also don't know!!!
This is weird huh?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I eat less chicken for 2 years now.
If I have any other choice , I wouldn't want to choose chicken or meat.
I eat more fish or seafood but most of the time more fish and veggies in my daily diet.
Fruit not so much because I only eat certain type of fruits and it is seasonal one.
Chingu said too expensive taste.
Yeap! guess what???
IMA only eat fresh cherries and apricot. So snobbish la this woman!
Not really...reason behind it because these two fruits taste nice and no need for me to peel or what so ever. What about strawberries???
Huhuhuhuh this reason will make you wanna throw up!!!!
I only eat Korean strawberries in Korea.WTH!!!
Throw up pleaseeeeee!!!!
Malay community will call me 'Perempuan tak sedar diri'! huhuhuhuh..
Whatever!!!! My personal preference!
As long as I am happy!

I really miss the taste of Korean food.
So one weekend ask Chingu to treat me for korean food. At least at Dubu dubu has quite reasonable price food. I ordered this Herbal Soup Chicken set and Pajeon.
I don't finish this by myself.I only eat 2 - 3 spoon.
Chingu finished most of  the food!!!!
pppssssstttt!!!! That is why .....he need to pay for the food.
Hope Chingu don't read this blog! kekekeke

Then went to Seoul Mart to re stock my Banchan stock in the fridge.
I love Burdock kimchi and the black bean, reason?????
I normally cook rice with both in mixed together in my rice.
Serious, my rice seasoned well like this.
No need any other side dishes also can.
This time I bought something new....Chives Kimchi.

Isetan is having Korean food fair...seriously, cannot beat Seoul Mart @ Sri Hartamas!

Seoul mart ajussi!!! please give me some discount next time...

Monday, May 26, 2014


Have you ever met a Boss from hell before?
I have been working for over twenty years currently and I even have met several kinds of Bosses. Sadly, most of bosses I met are the evil one!
With head down, I blame it to my ‘lady luck’ for not serving to Maine out.
However, with head up! I survive most of this troublesome Boss.

Managing Boss is extremely vital for our survival in working place and earn for a living.
Why is very important to Manage your Boss?
Well……they're THE BOSS!
In another note, solely BOSS will offer WHAT we tend to WANTS…

What we tend to wants?
Well, most of us love rewards and career advancement.
If we tend to don’t have good relationship with our Boss, does one assume we'll be able to get what we tend to wants?
Hell NO!

Managing Boss doesn't mean you would like to Brown nosing or become a sucker…ewwwww!!! Don’t do that! Unethical!


1.    Be dependable – you only have to be compelled to show him / her that you are willing to go extra miles and do whatever it takes to get the work done well and make your Boss life easier and fewer worry. Impress your Boss by going higher than and on the far side the decision of duty – that's the surest thanks to gain his / her trust.

2.    Solve issues – simply bear in mind this…if you're at work to present your Boss’s additional issues, then… forget it. simply quit! you're employed to resolve his / her issues or cut back his / her burden. So, help your Boss by giving him / her solutions instead of problems. By showing him / her that you have taken best initiative to assist him / her. You sure gain more trust from him / her.

3.    Anticipate his / her stress points sometimes, you may find your Boss difficult to deal with at times. Best way to handle this is to think , you Boss behavior is due to he / she may be experiencing some level of stress. Try to understand him / her and the best to show you are at his/ her side. 

4.    Partner up with him / her -   Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong here…I don’t suggest you to have an affair with your Boss. What I mean is to treat your Boss sort of a partner – share your ideas and resources with him / her. and honestly Boss can recognise your sincerity and can rewards you well.

5.    Give him / her the benefit of doubts - there are times your Boss’s motivations or intentions could seem questionable to you. Keep your mind open and work with him/her to resolve any doubt thought that you just have. Bear in mind distrust and suspicion will solely cause conflicts that will injury your relationship.

6.    Be on Your Boss side – Taking sides along with your Boss is that the smartest manner for your survival.Step up and build up more courage to yourself if there is any improvement needed in any of his / her plan. Boss will appreciate this if it is a good thought of you to his / her plan.

Friday, May 23, 2014

CNBLUE - 독한 사랑 (Cold Love) [Mini Album - Can't Stop]

Jung Shin Chingu fall off stage during CN Blue HK concert early this week.
I saw the youtube on him falling down...
Aigo!!!!! Jung Shin, ya!!!!
Jung Shin Chingu got very excited to touch his fan hand....he overshot the stage...and blop...down he go!
Thank God! nothing serious happen to Jung Shin Chingu.

All the best with your concert tour ,CN Blue!

My favourite Korean band CN Blue mini album.
I love Cold Love song. I love it.... I love it...
The lyric are beautiful.
I have been listening to this over and over again since yesterday
Yeah!!!! wait until the third day of repetition then I go ...WTH!
Just like how I fall in love with Big Bang Song, Blue last year.
Then back to CN Blue , Still In Love.

This year 2014, the first song captured my heart.....the award goes to....jeng jeng....CN blue, Cold love. This is my break up song with Lee Min Ho. WTH!!!! isk isk isk

This song suit  for the Ice Princess....Princess Cindyrina!!!!

Big round applause to Princess Cindyrina everybody....this is a crazy post!!!
Just ignore!! If you unable to take the!

Any psychologist who do the psychology test to my writing style....huh!
I am very sure..I fail it with 100%!!!! muahahahahaha (evil laugh mode!)

English Translation:

You weakly said hello and I predicted our end
Oh wanna change, to when we used to love
You have no expression and I tell a light joke
Oh wanna change, to when we used to love
Trapped in a sad feeling, I can’t escape
I’m breaking down at the words “I’m sorry”
What do I do?
My heart stops at this cold love, my heart breaks into pieces
My breath stops at this sick love, my breath slowly dies
Day by day, I wither like a wild flower
A sonata of farewells, words I know without even hearing them
Oh wanna change, to when we used to love
Your eyes that are letting go of our love, your arms that are cold even when I’m in them
Oh wanna change, to when we used to love
I’m lingering by a painful breakup, I can’t shake it off
I’m swaying at the words, “Thank you”
What do I do?
My heart stops at this cold love, my heart breaks into pieces
My breath stops at this sick love, my breath slowly dies
Day by day, I wither like a wild flower
The tears that were hiding behind my smile are falling as if they’ve waited for it
Oh wanna change, to when we used to love
I weakly break down at this cold love, everything that I used to love
My breath stops at this sick love, my breath slowly dies
Day by day, I wither like a wild flower


Himeomneun insareul haneun neo majimageul yegamhaneun na
Oh wanna change uriga saranghaetdeon ttaero
Mugeoun pyojeongeul haneun neo gabyeoun nongdameul haneun na
Oh wanna change uriga saranghaetdeon ttaero
Seulpeun yegam soge gatyeoseo domangchiji motago
Mianhadan mare muneojineun naneun eotteokhae
Dokhan sarange nae simjangi meomchwo nae simjangi jjijeojyeo papyeondeulcheoreom
I byeongdeun sarange nae sumi meojeoga seoseohi sumeul jugyeo
Haruharu tto sideureoga deulkkoccheoreom
Ibyeoreul malhaneun sonata malhaji anhado aneun mal
Oh wanna change uriga saranghaetdeon ttaero
Sarangeul bonaeneun geu nunbit anado ssaneulhan neoui pum
Oh wanna change uriga saranghaetdeon ttaero
Apeun ibyeol gyeote meomulleo ppurichiji motago
Gomapdaneun mare hwicheongdaeneun naneun eotteokhae
Dokhan sarange nae simjangi meomchwo nae simjangi jjijeojyeo papyeondeulcheoreom
I byeongdeun sarange nae sumi meojeoga seoseohi sumeul jugyeo
Haruharu tto sideureoga deulkkoccheoreom
Useum dwie sumeun nunmuri gidaryeotdaneun deut tteoreojyeo
Oh wanna change uriga saranghaetdeon ttaero
Dokhan sarange himeobsi muneojyeo haneobsi saranghaetdeon modeun geotdeuri
I byeongdeun sarange nae sumi meojeoga seoseohi sumeul jugyeo
Haruharu tto sideureoga deulkkoccheoreom


Since I bought my smoothie blender from, my morning breakfast is sooooooooo bloody healthy!

Since I am office lady and my belly fat is accumulating  so I did more research on  smoothie recipe.
My focus more on detox ,weight loss, slimming and something delicious and healthy. Which women don't google all this???? Tell me? who ? who? who is that lucky woman with no such worries???


My first recipe which I find this delicious is Strawberry Beet Root Green Smoothie.

Ingredient :

* 1/2 cup beet, cut into small cube
* 1/4 avocado, peeled and slice
* 1 stalk of celery
* 10 medium sized fresh strawberries
* 1/4 cup oats (optional)
* Water ( can put whatever amount suit your taste)

I am bloody lazy to blend it step by step so I just dumped it all in the blender. Blend it until it smooth and creamy. The taste???? Lovely!!!! just suit me. You can add honey if you want your smoothie sweet.

This smoothies is said to be rich of vitamins, B1, B6, copper,magnesium, manganese,potassium and zinc. Yeah!!!! can become IRON LADY after drink this every day...huh?

Owwwwhhh!!! this is not a snack...this is meal replacement smoothie. Good for breakfast and start your morning with this delicious healthy taste!

This smoothie totally suit somebody who are trying to lose weight healthily and do some body detoxification!

Monday, May 19, 2014


For those who knows me very well, will not want to even make appointment to see me. WTH!
So called anti socialized woman!
Not that I anti social just that....well...I have this rules of specific preference time and venue for meet up. So selfish woman!!! 
Just because of my specific crazy preference...I end up with not many friends...WTH!

My preference to meet up :

1. Only for breakfast between 8:30 - 9:00am sharp. The breakfast meeting need to end before 12:00 noon.

2. Meet up place only at the place I familiar the most like, Tropicana City Mall, Jaya One, Pavillion,KL and Bangsar Village. Any other than that venue...sorry...I will still insist that place no matter how boring it is for meeting up the same place again and again.

Well...before you label me as selfish or anti social woman....let me explain my reason first...

1. I am one over concerned woman...well...concern towards myself...hehehehehe..I hate driving out under hot sun and many cars on the road. If meet up later in the afternoon and so on...I have to drive in the traffic jam and to find the parking over the weekend in the afternoon...Gossshhhhh!!!! I cried over that at Midvalley parking lot just because I was trying to make an effort to meet up with Dom and Jamie. My eyes was soaking tears just because I can't find parking. I banned meeting up in mid valley, one U,Curve and others. I banned meeting up after lunch or dinner. I am stress up at work and you want me to stress up over weekend too.

2. The location choice is because...hehehehe I know where to park and then I can find my car easily. I forgot where I parked my car in mid valley last few years. I was in soaking tears with my heavy shopping load in both hand when the motorbike security came to approach me to find out why I am crying and walking up and down around the carpark...kekekeke...I even took the photo on my parking spot...but I forgot to remember the level of my parking.WTH!!! hopeless!!!

Such a Queen of Tears!!!!

So now you know....why???? you still think I am selfish????
I just don't want a hassle to find parking, stuck in stupid wasted traffic jam...just to meet up people and shopping.

Though I said I have not many friends...I still do have some loyal and good friends around me. I cherish them a lot to accommodate to my weakness. I bought gift on certain occasion like birthday and Christmas. I am also an avid traveler plus my busy working schedules. When talk about shopping...I am not a shopping person but I do buy stuff here and there. Online shopping totally make life easier for people like me. I don't have to worry about traffic jam, difficulties to find parking and expensive parking. Nowadays, everything it just by clicks of button. Serious, I hardly buy stuff at physical store nowadays.

My bff birthday is coming in early June... Gosh!!! I am cracking head to buy her gift because we have known each other for years and years....I can't simply buy her something without even thinking right???? It need to be something extra special!!!!

I always listen to Zalora ad over my favourite radio station I never give this Zalora a peep.
Last night, I was on my boring to watch korean drama mode.Whoa!!! me bored of Korean Drama.The world is going upside down!!!! hehehehe
I visited I got hook by this website. Love the dresses though!

At least they are not like others online shopping website selling all those so called Korean fashion made in China brand. Their fashion....I can say that....they have certain standard to maintain. They even have Aldo brand collaborate with them. I remember going into Aldo shop at Fahrenheit,KL looking for knee cut boots for my South Korean trip.

Aldo is affordable brand for all. This is a popular brand which have high quality , well designed shoes and stylish footwear for men and women. Best part they not just selling shoes at Aldo...they have those elegance style accessories,watches and handbag too.They are niche and have kind of standard to maintain their brand image. Seriously, my style!!!!

I was contemplating to either get  my bff ....


How about this bulky bracelet??? So stylish and elegance right???


This sweet and beautiful for her long sexy neck!


How about between these two??? This one will make her feet look sweeter,right???

I normally, go carried away when did my online shopping. I always checked out more items for myself then others which totally divert from my main objective....kekekekeke..I am still a woman after all!

Seriously, online shopping at Aldo @ Zalora really comfortable and everything seems to be ...I want


 this shoe!


 and this one too!!!


This bag!!!! don't you think this is a must too!!! It look nice for office, and business meeting right!!! 
How can I check-out my shopping bag without it???

My so called thrifty spending end up...kaboooossshhhh!!!

Best things about shopping Aldo@Zalora online store,  they offer best price.  Being the biggest online shopping Malaysia website, you don't need to worry about online shopping safety. 

The shopping experience with Aldo@Zalora online store are simple and safe procedures. Gosh! they even offer FREE Shipping and really make you hook to shop for more. I release my 5 working days stress with Aldo@Zalora.

Psssssttt!!!! at least you don't have to handle your hubby objection for wanting to buy beautiful stuff for yourself! kekekeke.. work hard for what???? if you don't treat yourself with things you wants!!!!

Psssstttt, first order get RM20 OFF at Zalora. They even offer 30 days FREE Return with T&C applies.

Check it out yourself and get a hassle free retail therapy shopping experience without even leaving your comfortable house!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Most of the OL or OM , I mean Office Lady and Office Man...are looking ways to earn extra cash.

Some may opt to do a weekend flea market or night market and the shy type will opt for virtual online website. Some will set up blog to sell stuff or sell it through facebook and now instagram. All this don't need too much cost except for time spent.

When you are just a starter try not to spend so much on setting up cost. Don't bother to set up website or hire a designer for nice website. Then spend too much cost webhosting and domain name. After all the cost spent , nobody visit your website.
Selling online not just about waiting for people come to buy at your website. This is not like physical store. Imagine you have nice beautiful website and no traffic....haissshhh... if you are selling cookies or brownies ...guest you just need to eat it all by yourself.

There are few website that can help you start your online business without any setting up cost or just a minimal fees.

This is like a ebay partnership website.
Pssssstttt!!!! I made some cash from this website too. As long as you price is competitive and build up good relation with your accounts manager then you will see your sales increasing. Its a good start for newbie though.
Don't forget they do charge some service fees. But hey! the traffic is coming...why not!

sell online


This is a seller site by aka the famous and my favourite shopping store. WTH!
As if is paying me for advertorial. Seriously, they never disappoint me so far.
Talking about
IMA, never try to sell anything here before because just found this website. explore yourself huh! Then tell me the experience. 

Why I said not
Well, I made lots of extra cash previously from this site.
My first online making money is from My customer mainly from US,Brazil,UAE and UK.
They also take some of % from your selling price and some fees for listing.
They do offer free listing but still advisable to pay some minimal to make your store visible to other.
You not the online one seller in ebay are competing with many many many sellers from all over the world!

I registered myself loooooooooongggg time ago..
But IMA fine this site is difficult to list item.

So I skip this site and concentrate with just and
But now down to and concentrate domestic market. customer mainly Overseas... postage cost are killing me since our malaysia post increase price like hell!

So to a newbie who wants to start selling item and make extra cash to funds your traveling hobbies like me. There you go.

I don't choose selling items  through blog , facebook , twitter and instagram because I don't have many friends around me to help me to promote. So my buyer mainly stranger and I am overridding the traffic from these website.
Other tip to sell online????
Be patient le....success don't come overnight!

What I sell???
If I feel generous...I will write about it later! hehehehehe

Have a good weekend!!!!


I added this nuffnang poll long time ago.
It was there...and I never bother to check the result.
Just don't want to accept the reality if the it is 'zero' response. disappointed if it is 'zero'...isk isk isk.

Last Tuesday, I was on the mood to explore my nuffnang and build up the courage to see the poll result. kekekekeke.... IMA so happy!!!!! At least got some response! My reader are so sporting.


1st Question : Are you a Dude or a Babe?

Thanks Babe!!!!!
Dude! you are missing out! hehehe


2nd Question : How old are you?

 Well... mostly younger than me....isk isk isk ...feel happy or sad???
Thank you for your support!


3rd Question : What do you do for money?
Mostly student...mmmmm...student can make money meh????
Study loan?
Don't forget to pay back the money,k!!!!

Overall satisfy with poll result. Young adult attract to me more than mature adult.
Kpop and Korean Wave power! Thank you Lee Min Ho!!

Check on my ad unit income with nuffnang....aiskkkksss! got some cash in there.

I treat blog as my rant place and online diary.
Who knows it give some cash too....
Never dream to be power blogger because I am far from that level.
I am below the foundation level to reach that status. WTH!
Anyway...I will still continue to blog about whatever I want....who cares if people read or not because my main point is to say what I want to say.

All those student...don't just google about Lee Min Ho all the time. Study! Study! work hard earn more cash and build more beautiful life than dreaming about being with Lee Min Ho.
Lee Min Ho making more cash every girls...stop dreaming because he will eventually will turn old too.... like normal human.
That beautiful handsome face of him will soon gone too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Last month , I received inquiry from one of my blog reader on micro current bunion treatment.
I did it somewhere on Sept last year with Dr Milly Ng at Central Building, HK.

"Hi Cindy,

How are you ?
I'm Anne, from Indonesia. I have been doing some research on bunion treatment and decided that I want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Then I found out about dr Milly Ng and the microcurrent for bunion and came upon your blog :)
So please tell me, was the pain worth it ? Did the bunion come back ? I'm so worried that after spending so much money, the bunion comes back anyway.
I love shoes, and my bunion is preventing me from wearing many pretty shoes :(
Would love to hear from you.

Thanks and best regards,
Anne "

Here I share my reply to her  and for those who are still contemplating about micro current bunion treatment.

Dear Anne,

I spent 5 working days for treatment with 2 session everyday.
1st session at 11am
2nd session at 6pm
Yeah yeah a bit rush because I can't afford to stay in HK for 10 days.
Due to this, I was in too much pain since the treatment was on top the bruises which not even have chance to heal. Torturous 5 days! But hey... No pain No gain!
I endure all the pain with determination to at least have 60% normal foot like others.
It is a must to complete the 10 sessions.
I have to pay upfront USD4,500 for 10 sessions.

It took me 2 years to decide to go for this treatment and of course the cost is high too.

1st session , seriously the pain was like being tortured and this going on until the 10 session.
You can expect bruises and blue black mark. Don't worry, I explored HK with that right after every session.
You need to drink plenty of 'pocari sweat' aka alkaline drink.

To me before I went to Milly, my right foot was very severe bunion and left was mild one.
I wore bunion splinter every night and the pain was ridiculous.
My big toe potrute out badly and ugly.
My big toe underneath was full of thick callus and for a lady this is really bad sight.
I can't wear pointed shoes and to me high heel is big NO.

After the treatment
I still have the big toe potrute out but not as big as before.
No more dirty and ugly callus.
No more pain at night.
I don't have to wear bunion splinter anymore.
I avoid wedges shoes like Milly advice.
I still wear stilleto but try to avoid not to wear it too long .
I wear more of flex bottom shoes with at least 1 - 2 inches heels as milly advice.
I also did the walking as she advice which is start with heels, outer foot then push with front foot. Sounded a bit weird but this help me and no more pain now.

Maintenence exercise
Milly taught me after treatment exercise which I need to stand straight with both feet big toe press together (relax position) and make both feet gap disappear.
Apparently to straighten up the foot alignment.
I still doing this exercise every night and if i did too much walking on the day time or wear high heel too long , I will compensate with more times for this exercise to ensure my foot alignment at flex position.

According to Milly
This micro current treatment is to stimulate and wake up our sleeping muscles.
Our walking style also play the factor to this bunio.

To me this treatment will take times because it is natural way to heal.
At least I don't have to go through the surgery cut open my foot , cut the bone and place the screw. Which will take times to cure after the surgery and have to go through the physio therapy sessions too. I am working people and depend to myself to ear for living. Don't think I can afford to lie down or walk use crouch for long.
I feel I make the good decision to go to see her last year since her treatment ease the pain.

But seriously, it is all our own hard work and determination because we need to keep practicing of the maintenance exercise I mentioned to you.
I did it every day without fail...and during the treatment was like hell because we have to press both feet hard with all those bruises.
Yes! sound so horror but if you decide to do it...don't put high hope to cure 100%.
I really spend my money for this to ease my pain and to slow down the process rather than I go for surgery which there is no way turning back if something goes wrong.
Like I said the big toe potrute out still there but the pain gone.

Hope this help you with your decision.



For all who are still want to try this treatment, go there with open mind and don't hope for 100% immediate cure. I can assure you, you can see the different at least...

Good Luck!

My foot is much better now!
I am glad I don't opt for surgery!

You can visit Dr Milly Ng website for more details and email to get more details explanation.
They are friendly and informative people!
I asked lots of questions before I made my decision!

Monday, May 12, 2014

HR NETWORKING EVENT 2014 HR Networking Event 2014 is back!!!!
Sounds like I have been to this event last year??? first time too.
I told you! in my previous post I am now  a start into networking.
This year I invest RM280 and register myself to this event!


Distinguished Speakers, Panellists & Moderators

Mr. Antony Lee, CEO of AIG Malaysia Insurance Bhd
Mr. Fong Wai Leong, Group CEO of CBSA Group
Mr. Naresh Sanchana, Senior Product Manager of
Ms. Aina Zahari, Director of Innovation Process & Analytics, Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd
Ms. Grace Munsayac, HR Director, Malaysia and SEA C&B Director, Mondelez
Ms. Faith Ngeow, Associate Director, HR-SEA Kellogg South East Asia
Mr. Lai Tak Ming, Director of Gamuda Group Human Resource
Mr. Darrel Lourdes, HR Director of Shell Malaysia
Ms. Hamidah Naziadin, Head, Group Corporate Resources Division, CIMB Group
Ms. Salika Suksuwan, Head, Industry Partnership of Talent Corp
Ms. Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of Singapore and Malaysia
Mr. Derick Khoo, Sr. General Manager, Group Human Capital of Tan Chong Group

You can register online

Hope to see you on 17th June 2014 at One World Hotel.

Don't hesitate to say hi to me if you recognize me there!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Let me weakness is to socialise with others.
If you put me in group, it will take sometimes for me to step up and talk to others.
I can't really mingle around with other too.
Well....everybody has weakness right??

Recently, after my trainer course... to start my own training business...mmmmm...who should I approach and how?

I need to build up my confidence to mingle around but I can just mingle with all those on the street right? They will think I am crazy woman!

Who to approach???

I tried to google around and found this website call
At least this is not like a dating site or anything weird.
I read there are many group like business networking, hobbies related , all group who share the same interest and they are pretty active too.
They even have bootcamp,budget traveller , morning bukit gasing climbers and running club here .

If you are expat and looking for club crawlers....hey you can find same interest friends here at

I never join any of those group because I am still new on this website.
I think this could be a first step for me to start my social may think this is too late since I am old ...but to me...there is always the first time.
If you don't take the first step and will never know where its going to end.



Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Wake up in the morning.
Getting ready and try to look pretty and presentable...cheewwwaaahhh!!!
Chingu came to pick me up and off we go to my interview venue.
Started the journey with full of positive energy.

One and half hours drive after went through don't know how many ripped off tolls by this license pirate.....feeling hungry...wanna pee too.WTH!

Weather was so freaking hot..and I am wearing vampire all black dress with black stockings and black heels too.WTH!
Am I going for interview or black tie party???
I wear that with perception black can look slimmer...that is the ultimate motive...
It could be much easier to use federal highway to reach that place.
Both unitedly decide to use that NKVE and bla bla bla highway where all those big transformer trucks used.
Me keep saying...damn!!! How am I suppose to come to this place again when the road is not register to my mind. WTH!
Finally reached the of course with the impatient mood and Chingu is holding temper because he is more cool than this volcano Ajuma.

Still have time for breakfast.
Chingu choose Subway which I wish I could have a bite!
Damn! the tooth of waiting to be crowned and another one still not done anything yet and is killing painful!
I end up eat porridge.
Damn! I need to eat porridge and mash potatoes until 21 May ???? Owwwwwhhh!!! what a life I have here.

I went in for interview and as usual need to fill up the form...I took 30 minutes to complete it.
Haisshhhh!!! the most hated! Well...I am no choice!
Get interviewed by a German MD!
He clearly said he is control freak! 
Afraid to fly and snake! WTH!
How on earth you get here from Germany???
I guess reaching here took him a lot of effort..huh???
He also emphasis on sports! 
A big fan of Soccer too and whoever join the company the woman need to join netball club and man soccer club.
Me netball???? isk isk isk..IMA wanna cry on the spot!
The last I played netball when I was 12 years old.
I am always at that monkey WD position.Which I hated the most.
I still have gut asking him do they have badminton club???? kekekeke WTH!
Lucky they have that....OK at least I am still safe to have that club if I join their company.
Worst come to worst I could use my more creative brain like create one Kpop Dance Club??? kekekeke far huh my ambition..just interview not even get the job yet!
Yeah! can't escape this standard question...why you still single at this age?
So I just give simple and weird answer..... working too much I totally forgotten about it! kekekeke.. that Guai Lo jaw drop...kekekek..I saw his totally in space! hehehehe gotcha!
The interview last for almost one and half hours. OMO!
Chingu commented...whoa!!! so chonghei one ar????
muahahaha....need to get to know each other ma...of course need time one!

Achieve one task for the Chingu need to find Maybank to bank in one cheque and get thing delivered to his company by the same day.
WTH! Lucky he has this smart woman beside him.
I found him Maybank using WAZE...muahahahaha like that also can be proud huh?
Done with that...
Chingu need to see his office lot which he has not visited for years and the tenant ran away without paying the rent and water bills for years...haisshhhhh!!! how you manage thing chingu?
Sell it off if this is not manageable?
Best when there without even knowing the exact unit no. just know the tenant company's name.
Lucky this smart and pro active woman save his day again.
We found it...get photo done.
contacted the building management , set appointment to break in the unit next time visit with proof of ownership and contact the agent to sell it off.
I sound so smart weiiiii today!

Thought of going to MV for Spiderman...kekekeke playing hooky for the day both of us.
But...haishhhhh!!!! no parking at all.
Damn! what all this people doing at this hours on need to work ar???
Look who is talking??? hehehehe...
We both end up drive out and find place near my house for our late lunch at 4:30pm.

Then off to collect his car park agreement on the way sending me back home.

Reached home almost 5:30pm. Gosh!!!!! This is like working day hor!!!!

For job...pray hard to get a new one I could have wind of change.
I am so damn fed up with the current one!
I can grow old faster if I still stay there....yes yes I need to at least thankful to have job right???
I am thankful but I pray to make my life more meaningful and give me new challenge.
Why??? Why want trouble?
I don't pray for trouble...challenge doesn't mean trouble..what I mean positive challenge which make me more excited to live this life!

Another end of where people live is the place I went today is the place I never been before and never thought that place is so beautiful!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Last few weeks right after my final presentation over, I went to Joy Garden the old folk home I always frequented at Semenyih. Well not a huge contribution but just as much as I can afford. I just want to give back to community. Thats all!

So sad to hear many aunties and uncles has passed away.
Life...people come and go.
There are more than 20 of them still there. Most of them abandon and sick old people. There are few retarded teenager live there too.
Since I am alone, I hope I don't live like that when I am old.
I pray hard for God to call me fast so I don't have to live sick and old like that.isk isk isk ...worried!!!!

The home soon going to move near one of the fishing village nearby and all of them going to live in the box home. Well not so sure how true it is. I only went there like a quarter once in a year.
The next visit for my contribution will be a hell to find their new location.
To the auntie who explained to us the other day...sound so easy but when we were out to find the place...we unable to find the location mentioned. Damn!!!

Anyway, we will try again soon!

Today 5 May is my Mum's birthday!
I am going back to visit her next Saturday morning.