Monday, May 5, 2014


Last few weeks right after my final presentation over, I went to Joy Garden the old folk home I always frequented at Semenyih. Well not a huge contribution but just as much as I can afford. I just want to give back to community. Thats all!

So sad to hear many aunties and uncles has passed away.
Life...people come and go.
There are more than 20 of them still there. Most of them abandon and sick old people. There are few retarded teenager live there too.
Since I am alone, I hope I don't live like that when I am old.
I pray hard for God to call me fast so I don't have to live sick and old like that.isk isk isk ...worried!!!!

The home soon going to move near one of the fishing village nearby and all of them going to live in the box home. Well not so sure how true it is. I only went there like a quarter once in a year.
The next visit for my contribution will be a hell to find their new location.
To the auntie who explained to us the other day...sound so easy but when we were out to find the place...we unable to find the location mentioned. Damn!!!

Anyway, we will try again soon!

Today 5 May is my Mum's birthday!
I am going back to visit her next Saturday morning.



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