Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Have you ever heard about the story of Monkey and Banana??
Let me tell you this interesting story.
huhuhuh... I am now a story teller, huh?
I may sound like I am full of playful and cheeky attitude.
I can be wise old woman when I want to know?
Today, I decided to share my wisdom story...WTH!

Anyway just read further and you may learn something from this Monkey and Banana story.

Once upon a time , there is this monkey call Kiki.
Yeay, she is adorable like her cute and catchy name.
Unlike her cute and catchy name, her life has not been good and adorable at all.
She once live in the jungle where use to be very blessed with food and friends around her.
One day the humankind, invaded her blessed jungle and most of her kind was either caught or killed brutally.
She manage to escape herself and live into hiding.
Her problem now, she has problem on getting food to survive.
She was lonely too.
She was physically and mentally exhausted!
One day while wondering around helplessly, she saw a banana on the ground.
She has not been eating for many days.
Her energy is wear off and need to recharge with some food.
That banana look tempting.
It was golden yellow and ripe bunch of bananas.
She get hold of the bananas for instant.
After get hold of the bananas, then only she realise she fall into the humankind trap.

Her one hand already reached for the banana.
She at the dilemma!
She has to make a decision.
To hold on or to let go???

* Hold on to the bananas and enjoy the sweetness of ripe bananas and risk her life and freedom, or
* Let it go and live her life freely and endure the obstacles coming for her and be prepared to stay in hunger and wondering when will she find food again.

What will happen to Kiki the Monkey??
You see that bunch of bananas represent LIFE ans FUTURE!
Some are good and some rotten.
The story of Kiki is to make us realise and help us to identify the areas, situations, circumstances and people in our life that you need to let go of.

All of us live our life with bunch of bananas and each rotting banana in our bunch represents an area in our life where we are limited, settling and just plain stuck.
Well this could be our old habits or behaviors or false belief.
Sometimes our obstacles are real or just vividly our imagination.
Your life is your decision!

When it comes to our lives , many of us tend to grab on something and refuse to let go. We then convince ouselves that we simply cannot survive without that person or thing and we refuse to let go.
We will even hold on to people, things or habits that we consciously know and aware are bad for us. could be your bad relationship or job or a bad belief or physical habit.

Why we still cling on even after consciously know it is bad???

It is natural for us to cling to what we have-the safe,the secure and the familiar and even we realise it's unhealthy and preventing us from living a better life.
While all of us keep thinking to live our life beyond the current......but yet most of our actions indicate that we are willing to stay exactly where and how we are.

Why??? Wae? Wae???

We just will not let go of our bananas, our sameness, our habits, our comfort or out past!

Kiki the monkey realise if it still hold on to the bananas then that bananas will eventually will rot and start to stink,yet she still holds on to it.

This is applicable to our life too.

If we refuse to let go of things or people that hold us back, life starts to rot and then stink too.
The only way to go beyond or successful in life is the willingness to let go of things, people, habits and belief that keep you where you are instead of where you want to be.

Letting go is not easy task to many of us!

You need to begins it with power one :

* one bold action
* one brave decision
* one limitless action
* one great question
* one new idea
* one burning desire, or
*one act of kindness

Once you willing to face the fact that you can change the quality of your life and act on that belief me your life changes to better.

Same goes to Kiki the monkey she can have both happiness to enjoy ripe bananas and freedom life at the same time. She has to learn how to let go one of it!

How to let go?
* make a list of your rotten bananas
* decide what or whom you are no longer willing to accept in your life
* be willing to get int the pain of changing your destiny
* make the tough decisions
* embrace the consequences of you decisions
* be totally honest with yourself and others

The conclusion , remember you only grow when you let go!

What happen to Kiki the monkey and that bananas???
Well the Kiki the monkey represent YOU!
That bunch of bananas represent LIFE!

You is you! and your destiny and life is YOURS.
Everything is in your hand and only you can decide what kind of life you want to lead while living in this earth.

You don't have to be at the top or filthy rich to become successful in life.
If you can be rich but you are not happy then that is not successful at all.That call greed!
If you rich and at the same time you are happy with your life the that is success.
To me living life moderately, be happy, do what and go where I love to do-along the way my life don't harm other people. That is success to me!

Define you own success in your own way.
You have to chose.


Have a GREAT working days ahead NETIZEN!
Treat your life preciously!

Life ain't easy....

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