Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PRINCESS'S EAT : SS2 Goreng Pisang

When I worked in PJ 10 years ago, I always love to eat sweet glutinous rice cake layered with sweet potato and yam from SS2 Goreng Pisang.
This famous stall in front of Nasi Kandar Pelita near SS2 are super famous and I guess now its under 3rd generation management so they open one inside One Utama.
From under the tree sweating hot sun to inside the aircond cold shopping complex.
Great progress for SS2 Goreng Pisang.

I am one person who don't eat banana but I can eat their Goreng Pisang because they use Pisang Raja. I love the sweetness and the texture after fried.

I never failed to eat my sweet glutinous rice layered with sweet potatoes and yam fritters. It taste just right here. Of course the environment make the price to the premium than the road side. But can enjoy more without sweating yo!

assorted fritters


muahahahaha... this is banana ball or cekodok in my term.

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