Thursday, July 3, 2014

REVIEW : Vanity Trove Surprise Box

I one person who don't really loyal to one brand or one product.
Don't question my loyalty just because of this statement..ok?
So many products and brand out there....
We are spoil with choices!
It is not fair to make me stick to one particular, right?
We need to give ourself choices...muahahahaha

That is why I love samples...
Reason because it came in small size because its samples..duh!
Other thing is because it finish faster....hahahaha because I can't wait to change to other product and brand. So naughty!

If full size...then it will take forever to finish and if I abandon it half wasted!

I received surprise box from Vanity Trove last 2 weeks.
I am very excited to sample out the beauty product selected for me.

Beautiful box from Vanity Trove

Here are all the surprises!!!!

Repetto pocket size parfum
If you are looking for sweet floral and fruity smells parfum then this Repetto is the right one for you.
Personally, I need something stronger sweet smells....since I have that strong character in me...the sweet smells??? So not me...

Hakubi White C Plus supplement to helps promoting good health for skin from internal.
Since I am at aging stage process, I don't mind trying this out.
Don't worry this supplement is safe and famulated by Sato Pharmaceutical in Japan and distributed by DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Sato has very strong presence in US, Europe and Asia. You can get this at SASA.
I am taking this for 2 weeks now...2 tablets at 3 times a day so all together you swallow 6 tablets a day. Fasting month, I took 2 tablets in the morning.

Hakubi White C Plus repairs from inside :
* Vitamin C - anti oxidants and promotes healing
* Vitamin C and L-Cysteine which helps maintain healthy body
* L Cysteine can helps promote skin metabolism...this want helps alot..mine skin firmer after 2 weeks taking this.
* Calcium Panthothenate or Vitamin B5 assists Vitamin C as it works in the body. It also helps carbo and fat metabolism and has a detoxifying effect.
* Vitamin B6 activated the metabolism of skin and helps to generate better skin condition.

Just what I want...Brightening Body Reshaping Treatment by Collistar, 100% Italian Brand.
I love this one because it really smooth to apply and don't have that heat sensation feels.
Just the calm effect.
Whether its work??
I only try out the sample size...i think I need the full size to see the effectiveness.

This on is Eye Make up remover.
They took out the manufacturing date and the content as you see in the photo with bubble.
I dare not try this.

Infinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly from Kose
I have a very bad eye bag and the dark circle really make me look like panda. 
Yeap! call me Pandarina then.... I will not slap you!
I agree..
I prefer Eye Jelly or Gel than the cream one.
Reason the cream one can develop oil seed around my eyes.
I tried this eye jelly from Kose and really love it....but damn! the price is so not my wallet style!

Double Serum from Clarins
I tried this serum for 2 nights consecutively....
This serum was launched with promised that you'd look younger and have better skin immediately. The effects were said to be instantaneous and you should expect to see a lovely glow to the skin the next morning!
It can reduce wrinkles and have more even skin tone.
For middle age woman....awwwwww damn!!!! I now referring myself as middle age woman. How time flies like a blink of eyes!
Well..back to my review..
I love the after morning effect the skin does feel more elastic and glow a bit...since I just use it for 2 consecutive nights....huhuhuhuh...don't think it help my skin tone yet!
I will try again for other remaining 8 samples soon.
They put in 10 serums in this box.
Please be warn... this serum is damn sticky on your face. Which it explained why I only use it for 2 nights. I hate sticky effect on my face.

I have more box to review...but these days...I was damn busy!
Yup! I busy dreaming to be rich and live like millionaires and travel around the world like I have home in every part of the world!
Yeay yeay...keep dreaming and pretend busy!!!!
As long as I am happy bee!

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