Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If you go to Food Republic food court at Pavillion,KL you will notice this Chef Lee's Casseroles counter. Very easy to notice one because this counter always quiet and no people queuing like others.

I decided to give a try!!!!
Look so classy ma the food. I thought the food will be more like fine dining styles and Chef Lee will cook my meal with love. WTH!!!!

It came with more like Briyani Rice set at 'The Mamaks' !

I look inside to the counter and only see a group of Bangla and other foreign workers. Oh! not Chef Lee's love but the Bangla love instead. OMO!!!!!

Anyway the counter girl also foreigner....look like Myanmar girl. But the slang like Philippines. Oh Whatever!!!

After quick discussion with chingu and both decided to share one set of Chicken + Rice  + Starch which cost us RM14.90.

I asked the girl is the food hot?
Must ask ma...since that food look like ready made and displayed like 'Chap Fan'.
That girl said...its hot!!!
OK ok ...I believe you. If its hot you should have a courtesy to put in microwave...right??? right???

There are two types of rice one white and the other reddish. So I ask the girl what is the ingredient and she replied me the white one with small onion and the reddish one with big big onion.

Chinggu was like....huh???? one small and one big onion???
Me dumbly confirming the girl reply with know one use that small onion ...mmmm..shallots and the other one with that big yellow onion....maybe????

Ahhhhh!!! whatever!!! let us just eat huh????

I am so disappointed because the food is far from warm.WTH!!!!!
So bad!!! served me with this cold food.

The turmeric chicken you see in the photo I tasted the gravy and it damn salty!!!!

Old Ajumma saying...if somebody cook the food salty means...that fella are ready to get married. That fella feel shy to tell so make the food saltier lor.... well that was the Ajumma saying that I know. How this relevant to this salty chicken gravy.....kekekeke I don't knowwwww..... I just write in only...duh!!!
The rice was ok but I wish it served hot and the starch was ..mmmmm...just so so lor!
Whatever it is still feel thankful for the meal!
Ya with the one no food or can't afford to have such meal...I should not complaint too much!!!!!

I repent God!

While eating...ooooppppssss!!!!

Me : Chingu ! I think ar when that girl said the white rice with small onion and red rice with big onion ar....she mean one with more onion and one less onion right???? She don't mean size of onion..

Chingu : You just thought about it ar???? Haiyoooohhh!!! so slow one ar suddenly???

Me : Chehhhhh!!! should have told me ma just now!!!! I totally wanna unfriend you!!

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