Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Getting Rid of Everything Rotten in my Life?

GET RID ALL THE ROTTEN thing around me and move forward are not easy task!!! Yeahhhh!!! if letting go is an easy task then no stress exist....right??? Especially when I already reached at mid level and experienced many things to be at who I am right now....letting go is the biggest decision in life.
Make it more dramatic...matter of LIFE AND DEATH!!!!
So serious...mehhhh????
When it comes to life????
I am wide awake and conscious on surrounding... and suppose to be in controlled to my own life.
Of course its serious!!!!

When it comes to death???
Fear of death...may be...because don't know what to expect!
My death time is not up to me to decide....so...I am not in control of that!
Omo...as long as I don't harm others and be a good human in this life...the rest I leave it to God!

Age never come back. Example who have chance to be at 23 years old twice??? Mad! If you can be at 23 years old twice means you are TIME TRAVELER! Is that possible??? Hard to say! Whatever it is none of us can fight with destiny and all of us only have ONE CHANCE in life!!!!
You miss this ONE CHANCE then thats it!!!
Of course none of us can change our destiny!!!
But I always need to try my best in life??? Right????

To me right now to be happy I need to let go many rotten things around me!

To be able living a life free of rotten things in life requires me identify and face my fears and then overcome them. One word...I need to be FEARLESS!

I need to face it : Fear is one of my most powerful emotions and on of my greatest motivators. Especially when my emotions play a significant part in my decision making. Most of the time trying to weigh the balances of my decisions, considering consequences of my behaviors and then tend to evaluate what may happen to me if I change the way I live my lives!

I am afraid of two things :


Haisshhhh!!!! I bet not only me facing this moment in life. Most of us are facing this too.

Seriously, all of this mental energy creates real feelings and it often influence my decisions and lives!

I only have one chance to live so all I need to do now is to confront my fear and make it my friend. Then try to understand that my little fear can make my life more exciting!

Aja! aja! FIGHTING!!!!


PSSSSTTT!!!! too many beauty review and workshop so today...attending GST seminar at KL Sentral. Back to serious Professional mode today!!!

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