Thursday, August 7, 2014


It is our tradition to give out 'duit raya' aka 'ang pau' money to loves one during festive season. Well ...if Chinese, as long as you is time for you to give out. But to our Malay culture married or single, as long as you working...time to pay the toll. isk isk isk.

Lucky, I am not born to so many siblings and among 4 sisters only my first sister married with children. She has 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls. 

This year as usual I gave out 'duit raya' to my parent and last sister. 
My last sis still studying and still deserve the 'duit raya'. hehehehe this year is her last.
She have to start working next year! 

I also gave out some to my nephews and nieces.
As usual..not so easy getting something from me..even it is just once a year.

This year I have some event for those who think deserve my 'duit raya'.
As usual...this naughty Aunty!!!! kekekekeke (evil laugh)

I announced to them...if you want 'duit raya' sing in front of all of us then I will evaluate if they deserve it. So bad huh??? 

Since I announced it that way...then my Third Sister announce her event as well...'selfie with her; then only get the 'duit raya' from her.

Cheeeeehhhhh!!! that fella always want to compete with me one.

Of course her counter more popular.

I even overheard one of my nephew said...he rather take selfie than singing.

Haissshhhh!!!!! you young people....really don't understand why this old auntie do such thing????
I just want to show them nothing can be gained without self effort and build up self confident.

After few loud hardworking counter gain first first nephew step up to sing 'Selamat Hari Raya' song. kekekekekeke...not bad!!!!

When you have the first one came up...the lil one follows along.

My 14 years old niece innocently sang 'Hari Raya song'...aishhhh..again????

Here comes.....the other nephew...a 10 years old who step up fluently singing 'Happy Song' with a compliment of confident choreographer dance. WTH!!!!

Even his father ' jaw drop'!!!!

Everybody was so amaze of his newly discovered hidden talent.

Big round applause to him.

My last 4 years old niece....ish ish..after few coaxing from her mother.

Slowly sang....what else popular to young small kid nowadays????

'LET IT GO!!!!' 'LET IT GO!!!!' she sang repeatedly.

Until I go...ok you cash prize. So tired listen to her repeated chorus and it getting louder and louder with extreme high pitch voice and she really annoyed me well!

Auntie give up!!!!!

After all the hassle????

I only gave the RM10 each....muahahahahahaha...stingy auntie tricked all of you!

So happy feeling to bully my own nephews and nieces. (evil!!!!)

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