Monday, August 11, 2014


I wanted to try Bulgogi long time ago.
I watch many Korean Variety Shows and when they shown the Bulgogi dishes ...really make me drooling. I wanted to try this whatever it takes. At least once in life time.
I keep telling myself to live my life by eating less meat.
I did...anyway!!!! But hey...this does not mean it is a BIG NO NO just a reduce intake of all those meaty dishes.

Last weekend, Chingu decided to treat me at Bulgogi Brothers since somebody told me I need to have some meat at least to continue living. It is a cycle of life and I don't have to feel like a sinner just because they have to kill the cow to feed me the meat. WTH!

OK let us experience eating like Korean enjoy the Bulgogi!

 We chose Gwangyangsik Bulgogi.
This meat is thinly slice and eat it with gwangyang sauce. Not so strong taste to preserve the natural meat taste and all cook on hot plate right in front of us.
They add in guguma aka sweet potato, slices of leek, clove of garlic and mushrooms.
Served with 6 types of banchan aka korean side dishes which consist of seasoned brinjals, sweet guguma paste,lotus roots, morning glory,white radish and cabbage kimchi.

 Wrap meat with salad and top with some banchan and then dip with sauce given.

There you go...SO KOREAN STYLE!!!!

We ordered Seafood Bibimbap to complete our dinner after watching the Guardian of Galaxy.

Oh! how I missed bibimbap at Paju which I ate last 2 years after my trip to DMZ. It was super delicious and taste to remember for life!!!!

The damage for all those dishes at Bulgogi Brothers????

RM86.90 include with one hot jar of corn tea.

Rating ?  5/10
The food just average taste. 
I still prefer Dubu Dubu.

Upset me a lot....when we are about to make payment using credit card to collect 10 times point using Standard Chartered Credit card...that waiter said off line and they don't accept credit card and only CASH.


I am so upset....what if we are that kind who travel with less cash and just spend more use credit card???? I lost my 860 credit card points....isk isk isk. Like their food cost only less the RM20????
Two person eating can easily cost RM50 and Credit card machine need to work all the time.Duh!!!!
If its not working display the signage 'credit card payment offline'!

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