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Valued Voice
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Friday, September 12, 2014


I really love any food with fish.
Fish head noodle is one...I can't really give a miss.
So fishy huh????
Old Asia specialty is Fish Head and Fish Paste noodles. The Restaurant location is in One Utama same row with Sakae Sushi and McD.

I want to add more XO Sauce...with Chingu...I need to 'guai guai'. WTH!
Restraining myself not to eat more chillies so I don't become too HOT! Chingu said I can't eat hot food because every time I did...I transform into 'angry bird' mode! hahahaha

Enjoying my Fish Head Noodles... and of course for this one I refuse to share with anybody. Its mine mine and mine!!!!!

After finish my bowl of Fish Head Noodles...I am telling Chingu..I am still hungry..which Chingu keep reminding me that I am on strict diet because I want to lose 10 pounds. I keep convincing is exceptional case...because its weekend!

.... plus let me just cheat for one day!
Chingu trying to rationalize to me...I am cheating to myself and not anybody else!
True also hor!!!

Anyway...I told chingu close one eyes and let me go ahead to cheat on myself..WTH!!!!

Have a good long weekend ahead....this weekend is my family time.
Chingu are currently exploring Huangsan,China....happy ar that fella....fully paid trip by his  Brothers!
So lucky hor!

psssstttt! I have a hair cut yesterday ....and its....jeng jeng damn short wei!


  1. First time hear fish head soup with xo source. :)

  2. why the logo seem copy from umobile, i mean the u

    1. I guess need to ask this question to the owner of the café not me...muahahaha...but seriously I don't see any similarity on that at all.

    2. yalor, I left see, right see, up see, down see, also cannot see the similarity.

  3. You look so adorable in those pix!! Well, I'm not a fan of fish at all & try to stay far far away. Hahaha! I'm afraid of fish bones & their fishy smell.......

    1. hehehe thank you Shirley! I try to stay away from other meat except fish lol

  4. Awesome~ Gonna bring my boyfriend to try it cause he likes fish head noodles alot!


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