Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I created this one for my quick dinner too.
It really delicious and you can get your dinner within 10 minutes.
This recipe is so easy and simple.

Ingredients :

* Organic Atta Noodles (atta flour use to make Chapati and this flour is good source of protein and fiber. This noodles also good for diabetics patient)
* Brocoli
* Shitake mushrooms
* Grape Tomatoes
* Garlic
* Olive Oil
* Japanese Sesame Sauce (I use Kewpie Japanese Sesame Sauce)

1st Step : Boiled Atta Noodles
- then drained the noodles and put in bowl

2nd Step - Boiled Brocoli to soften or if you like it crunchy just boil it for a while
- Drained the water and then put  broccoli on top of noodles.

3rd Step : This step is optional. You can just boil shitake mushrooms and tomatoes.
- I love it sauteed.
- Sauteed Garlic with olive oil until fragrance
- Add in Shitake mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes
- Dash in salt and pepper for seasoning
- Then top the sauteed ingredients on top of noodles

4th Step : Add in Roasted Sesame Sauce

5th Step : Mix your noodles with sauce and veggies ingredients evenly

TADA!!!! You quick colorful, delicious and healthy dinner...READY for you to dig in!!!!

Pandainyeeee perempuan ni masak kan???


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