Tuesday, November 4, 2014


12th October 2014, Sunday

After my achievement reached at the peak of Geumjeongsan Mountain, I am craving for fried rice. ehehehehe....totally Malaysian style.
Long way to go for dinner...so I bought my favourite fish bread first.
I love this fish bread because its hot, crispy from the outside and taste just right inside!

I stop at Pusan National University, Metro Line 1, exit 1 or 3 then you will reach Shopping Street in front of Busan University.

Found this cute lil cafe and get over with my craving with seafood pilaf. Delicious meal on my birthday with lovely surrounding!!!
Its quite a wet night...rainy day...but I am still craving for more...mmmmm...no cakes...maybe some dessert!

At first wanna visit The Drop Top Cafe but end up climb up the staircase to Sulbing, The Korean Dessert House. I end my 12th Oct 2014, birthday with Korean style toast, dessert and rice drink!

That mountain like dessert is the snowy shaved ice with grains powder, almond slices, and top with milk. Then the thick delicious bread is sandwich with melted tteuk and top with grains powder, almond slices and condensed milk.


Perfect Birthday this year!!!!!

Thank you God for giving me this opportunity and feel bless!!!!

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