Thursday, December 11, 2014


I use to wear lipstick a lot. One thing I hate the most when wearing the lipstick is the stain on the glass or coffee cup. It look so damn dirty and ugly.
Yes! Yes!
I heard about the non stick lipstick. I am not that 'ulu' la...
But I hate those because I feel like wearing long lasting paint on my lips.
Furthermore, it took lots of that remover to just wash it off from the lips and this will cause my lips discolor and dry due the chemical from the remover.

Then I found PeriPera Lip Crayon when I went to HK last 2 years. I bought PeriPera Gel lip balm at Watson Pavillion last year. I really fall in love with PeriPera colored lip balm.

Oh! this PeriPera not type of chicken dish ye....

Recently, I bought this PeriPera Butter Pang from one of those underground shopping place near Busan. Totally fall in love with this one.

This PeriPera Butter Pang come with 3 colors.

01 Cream Butter
02 Peach Butter
03 Pink Butter

The one I am wearing right now is Peach Butter.
Nice or not?
Woot! Woot! No more stain on the glass ,yo!

I love this since its moisture my lips and protect it from drying.
PeriPera Butter Pang...Jjang!!!!

I am a PeriPera Butter Pang fan forever!
No more lipstick, just this amazing lip balm.
It cost me around RM32 per stick!

I am not sure whether you can get this Butter Pang here but Watson do have a shelf with PeriPera Products range.

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