Friday, December 26, 2014


The best thing happens to me in year 2014 , when I decided to join this great bloggers community called the The Butterfly Project. This community lead by Tammy Lim who was the Cleo's Next Top Blogger Winner too. O lalalalala!!!! Amazing Lady !!!! Why I said amazing?? Hey, its not an easy task to manage this huge of ladies group and put them under one roof. I could say Tammy has a group leadership skill and I give her big salute to her initiative! Thank you Tammy for accepting me into your group.

This year event gathered 99 Butterflies from different background, age and multiracial at The Apartment, Curve Damansara on 23 Dec 2014. We are all having fun get to know each other. Yeah! I have opportunity to meet new friends with same passion, not just online world but also real life people!

I brave myself to join the crowd and overcome my Agoraphobia.  I wish I can get rid of this passive attitude and mingle around with more people. I am not that active in crowd and my social skills damn suck! Gosh!!! Almost fainted to be part of this big crowd that night...hahahaha DRAMA again la this woman.

These are my team mates photo with our leader , Sabby Pru the lovely lady who just recently married. She is the one with black and white long sleeve checkers blouse next to me. kekekeke....Our team called 'Happy Chrysalis'. Nice meeting you ladies!

The Apartment 'ROCKS'! with all these ladies in the house!

Photo session with some blogger friends, I met during this vent.
Top Right : The hot lady in Electric Blue dress - Elana Khong
Bottom  Left : Lovely girl in little black dress who sat opposite me through out the night - Adeline
Bottom Right : Another sweet young girl who sat next to me through out the night - Juliana aka Rika
Gosh! all these girls are half my age. WTH!!!!!
Anyway , I feel young to be surrounded by all this young people! kakakaka

Everybody was happy chatting, meeting new people and also feel bless for great beauty box we received through our generous sponsored. I will share with you my happy moment digging into the beauty box in my next entry.

The Hot Santarina, Grace Oon! She is 'DA BOMB!' patiently and maintain graceful handing out the beauty box for all of us that night! Thank you SANTA GRACE!

Woot! Woot! I have photo bomb by this bubbly Colney Qing! She is the red shirt girl with 'peace sign' . Happy Colney who met her neighbours in this event!

Can't eat much since I ate dinner earlier with Chingu who offered himself to drove me all the way to the Curve. I am feeling bless sweet! Thank you Chingu...who know my worrisome and you are the best!

I can imagine me crying over finding way home through the messy road out of the Curve due to MRT construction. I have problem driving late night too! Thanks to God sent me an angel through Chingu!

Oh! the best part in this gathering, we were entertained by some talented song bird too! Big round applause ladies! Not only you are that big talent??? I go Whoaaaaaaa!!!!

Guess who I met in this gathering??????
Gorgeous Nicole Yie!!!!! Happy meeting you girl!

Many Thank you to Tammy aka Mamasan the 'brainchild' of this awesome community which gives me good experience meeting new friends with same passion!

Happy New Year to all Ladies and may we 'ROCK' the Year 2015 together!


  1. Kak Reena cantik! Hehe bestnya lah kalau Nad dapat pergi :) Look happening

    1. Hi Nad, ingat boleh jumpa Nad di sana. Ada join Butterfly project tak? Kalau belum...join la...

  2. Replies
    1. Yvon! yeah...Nicole so lovely and prettier in real.

    2. omg so shy! You look pretty and lovely in real life as well Rina! Happy meeting you as well and hope to see you again! <3

  3. awww Cindy how old are u anyway? are we the same age? hahah don't fret... coz we will feel dam young surrounded by all these young people!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed reading your post because it tells me what you have experience that night while I'm not around to talk to you. Gosh wanted to have a chat with u... I've been stalking u on FB! :)

    Agrophobia HUH... glad u survive that! Do u know I have social-anxiety disorder a.k.a social phobia? It's tough but... as time pass, we learn slowly to conquer our fears. I am still battling it, but i have become so much better now. It takes years! I have this since I was 9 years old.

    1. Officially in 40s this year.'Face Palm'! I wanted to approach you many many and many times for photo but goshhhh...can't bring out my courage for that. 'head down like an ostrich' now. next time I meet you I try my best...goshhh...if my courage never come...I will just look at you pass by me just like I did on 23 Dec 2014. isk isk isk...and I officially declare to you I also have that social-anxiety disorder too.

  4. Ages does not matter. It's your mindset that matters. Nice to see you again at the party! 😘

    1. yes Elana you are right with that statement! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yuhuuuuuuu Innanie! Thank your for visiting me.


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