Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I was doing some online reading to refresh my memory to management theory. I am sharing the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which is all of us are surviving for and working hard to achieve in life.

Do you achieve all 5 in this Maslow's Needs Model?

How satisfy and thankful you are with your current needs fulfillment in life ?

This is one of my favorite theories which I have learn but forgotten over the years due to lack of practice. isk isk isk.

Year 2014 is going to over in another 2 weeks.
How is your life so far?

When talking about life , I remember that movie called 'Forest Gump' and it famous saying, LIFE IS A BOX OF CHOCOLATE.
I elaborate further on why is Life is like a box of Chocolate you received.
We are not talking about a box of chocolate with assorted one.
The moment of choosing which one to eat it will result in completely different new taste.

Once you have chosen and don't look back no matter how it taste. If you decide to put it back just because the taste is not good....then you will be label as bad manners and irresponsible.
Don't blame others because of your choice and either way you need to take responsibility.

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