Monday, June 29, 2015


I have been blogging for quite sometimes now and along the way I received some weird requests. When I say weird....really trust me its weird and totally mind blowing.


Most recent was this request from this 24 years old young lady who want me to publish her post to sell her virginity. WTH!

The message to me was written in French.

"salut Cindy je suis Harmony Mangbel une congolaise j'ai 23ans je cherche comment vendre ma virginite tu peux m'aider comment puis-je le publier? je serai a Bruxelles le 24juillet tu voudras bien qu'on fasse connaissance?"

Translated version : 

" Cindy hi I am Congolese Harmony Mangbel 23 years I am looking to sell my virginity how can you help me ho can I publish? I will be in Brussels on 24 July. Do you have knowledge?"

Get a life girl! You can sell your so called vagina else where!  My blog is not a whore site.

Shall I ask her how much is the price?

Anyway....SPAM you go!


There is another request from a plastic surgery clinic in South Korea. They want to give me a total transform surgery. All expenses paid from Indonesia to South Korea. Did you I typed it wrong?
NO! You read it right! From INDONESIA when I am totally in Malaysia. 

This request make me wonder....
AM I THAT UGLY to have that total transformation? Haih!!!

I will understand if they offer me to enhance my look or whatsoever. At least there is room to consider , right? I don't feel this bad. isk isk isk feel like an 'ugly angry bird' now!

I feel lot better and beautiful after sending your mail straight to SPAM box.


Last week, someone offer me USD300 for 15 days to put display ad of PORN site in my blog. isk isk isk...

To this point...I am feeling doubt about my blog posting throughout these years to attract such advertiser to my site. UWWAAAAAA...feeling sad and doubting my own writing style.

What have I done wrong through out this years to attract whore, beast and porn star to my site?????

I thought I am weird and here goes many others weirdo than me. mmmmm...does this make me feel  a lot better and normal ?

'Bloody SPAMMER'


Did I just cursed out? hehehehe...yeah!!! I did...hihihihih... wink wink

I can't believe to receive such request.

I am just sharing....

Anything weird you receive recently????

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